162 Good and Cool Crawfish Names

Crawfish Names

Crawfish are crustaceans, closely related to but smaller than lobsters. They are scavengers and omnivores. If you love the aquatic world and have decided on keeping a crawfish as a pet, here are some of the names which you can get inspiration from.


Good Crawfish Names

Clawie: Clawie is an idea name for your crawfish. This name is derived from the term claw, referring to the crawfish’s most important part which it uses to do literary everything.

Maxillae: You can consider naming your crawfish Maxillae, a term which means bones. This name will fit since its skeleton is hard.

Puggy: Puggy is a good and short name for a crawfish. This name is short for pugnacious; a term meaning one who is aggressive.

Dacey: This is a good name for a loved pet. Dacey means adored and it makes a good name for your pet crawfish that you love a lot.

Deep: The name Deep is suiting for your pet, considering that crawfish are always sited at the bottom of the sea.

Theo: Theo is a good name to give to your crawfish. Theo is short for Theodore.

Gorgeous: Crawfish can be violent but they are always cute, so the name Gorgeous is apt for your pet.s

Below are other names that are good for a crawfish.

  • Ben
  • Ruth
  • Perpetua
  • Cecil
  • Plackie
  • Sue
  • Rudy
  • Lin
  • Minnie
  • Lizzy
  • Mike
  • Larry
  • Loreen
  • Wisdom
  • Dusk
  • Daniel
  • Newman
  • Evelyn

Crawfish Nicknames

Nicknames also make the best names for your pet crawfish. We have suggested some of the cute monikers that will suit your crawfish.

Hard Frame: Crawfish are known to have a hard skeleton and this is caused by a biopolymer called chitin. The name Hard Frame is an apt byname for your pet.

Vulture: The name Vulture is perfect for your pet since crawfish are scavengers just like vultures.

Graveyard: This is a funny byname for your aquatic pet that feeds on dead insects.

Lobby: Lobby is a good moniker for your crawfish. This name is derived from the term lobster and it is suitable for your crawfish since these two are closely related.

Rocky: You can consider naming your crawfish Rocky, a cute byname for your little pet that is always hiding beneath a rock.

Lady Flamboyant: Lady Flamboyant is a nice byname for your crawfish. This name complements the colorful nature of your pet, as crawfish are a colorful lot with red, white and blue varieties.

Hot Temp: You can name your crawfish after its personality. Crawfish are short tempered, therefore, this name will suit your pet crawfish.

Here are more monikers which might suit your crawfish.

  • Skeleton
  • Mr Crispy
  • Huntress
  • Cranky
  • Thicky
  • Bottom
  • Scavenger
  • Star
  • Sea Base
  • Crunchy
  • Berries
  • Sea Ghost
  • Skyway
  • Spawner
  • Flip Flop

Male Crawfish Names

Male crawfish have no specific name though some will refer to them as craw daddies; these are bigger than the females. Here are some of the masculine names which might suit your male crawfish.

Charlie: You can name your pet Charlie, a byname of the name Charles. This is a cute name for your makle crawfish.

Vince: Name your crawfish Vince; a cool male given name which is short and nice. Vince is also a diminutive of the name Vincent.

Flipper: Crawfish use their special tail flipping tactic to escape from their predators, hence the name Flipper is appropriate for your pet crawfish.

Efrem: You can consider naming your crawfish Efrem; a male given name meaning to be fruitful.

Tyson: Tyson is a good name for your male crawfish and this name is inspired by the famous boxer. The name is appropriate for a strong crawfish

Crawdad: Crawfish are also called crawdads if they are male; The name Crawdad is perfect for your pet.

Here are more male crawfish names for you to select from.

  • Hooker
  • Russel
  • Ambition
  • Thunder
  • Undertaker
  • Major
  • Charmer
  • Shadow
  • Venom
  • Temper
  • Blackjack
  • Tom
  • Gan
  • Vader
  • Donald
  • Buggy
  • Hobbs
  • Fred

Female Crawfish Names

There is no specific term used to refer to female crawfish. If you want a name that alludes your crawfish’s femininity, browse below.

Cai: Cai is a female given Chinese name that translates to colorful. It is a cute name for your crawfish since it is one colorful pet.

Brittly: The name Brittly is a cute name for your female crawfish. This name is derived from the term brittle which means to be crunchy. A pet crawfish might not be brittle but a cooked one is, therefore this name is perfect.

Blue: Blue is a good name for your female crawfish, especially if it is blue.

Selector: A female crawfish selects her own mate by fighting with the male and giving in to the one that is able to flip her over. The name Selector is therefore an apt name for your crawfish.

Fifi: You can consider naming your crawfish Fifi, a miniature of the name Josephine. This name is short and catchy; hence it is perfect for your female crawfish.

Swamp: Swamp makes a good female crawfish name for your pet that is a red swamp crawfish.

Below are other female crawfish names which might inspire you.

  • Matilda
  • Charity
  • Tilda
  • Mona
  • Courage
  • Lavender
  • Millicent
  • Alice
  • Fortunate
  • Mercy
  • Lorraine
  • Nina
  • Dora
  • Linda
  • Praise
  • Delight
  • Natasha

Baby Crawfish Names

A young one of a crawfish is called a hatchling and if you have just adopted one, here are cute names which you can consider.

Pixie: You can consider naming your baby crawfish Pixie, a cute name appropriate for a baby girl crawfish.

Swimmereter: Natchlings hold on to their mother’s swimmerets, so you can name your hatchling Swimmereter.

Little Crabby: Crawfish belong to the same family as crabs and so, the name Little Crabby will suit it.

Psycho: The name Psycho is a good name for your baby crawfish that is very violent.

Clover: Clover is a cute name for your crawfish hatchling. The name is inspired by the clover plant which has white flowers and so the name will suit a white baby crawfish.

Cool Crawfish Names

We have also compiled cool names for your crawfish.

Daichi: You can name your exciting crawfish Daichi; a name that means something impressive.

Itsy Bitsy: Itsy Bitsy is a term usually used to point out and allude the smallness in size of a certain thing. This word makes a good name for your crawfish which is basically small bodied.

Obie: Obie is a great name for your male crawfish; this name is derived from the name Obadiah. Obie is a perfect short and unique name for your pet.

Captain Hook: You can name your crawfish after the famous villain captain from the cartoon ‘Jack and the Neverland Pirates.’ This name suits a male crawfish who has developed prominent hooks at the base of its walking legs.

Burrower: The name Burrower is perfect for a female crawfish. This name is built on the idea of female crawfish constructing burrows at the water’s edge.

Beatrix: This is a cool name for your crawfish and the name is apt for the crawfish that you love. Beatrix, also spelt Beatrice means she who makes you happy.

We have also listed other cool names which you might like.

  • Badra
  • Marvelous
  • Reign
  • Thorn
  • Cedynia
  • Candy
  • Blanca
  • Garnet
  • Lollipop
  • Gretel
  • Heidi
  • Viola
  • Snowdrop
  • Tamia
  • Guyana
  • Gem
  • Marisha
  • Wrangler
  • Kentucky

Cute Crawfish Names

We have also suggested cute names for your pet crawfish.

Kai: You can name your crawfish Kai and the name will stick because this is a Hawaiian name meaning ocean and crawfish are aquatic mammals.

Reaper: The name Reaper is derived from the word reap which means to cut down or harvest. It is a cute name for your aggressive pet crawfish.

Miss Cray: Naming your crawfish Miss Cray and the name will suit it since crawfish are also called crayfish.

Stewy: Stewy is a good name if you are a lover of crawfish dishes.

Funny Crawfish Names

A funny name is an ideal name choice for your crawfish as it will give you a smile when you think of your pet.

Slobster: If you want a name that will humor you every time you talk of your pet, Slobster is the right name for your pet. It is a name given to a lazy crawfish in a joke.

Bloody: Bloody is a funny name for a pet that has no blood; however, this name complements the crawfish’s color.

Cray Cray: The term Cray Cray is a slang word used to refer to someone who is crazy. The name is apt for your crawfish since some call it a crayfish.

Seductress: This is one funny name for your pet and this name matches the female crawfish’s tendency of using its urine to seduce the male.

Vanilla: Vanilla makes an adorably funny name for your crawfish that has nothing linking it to the vanilla flavor, except its white color.

Can Crawfish Swim?

Crawfish do not swim, instead, they have a flattened tail which they use for rapid backward propulsion in water. They also have two pairs of antennas one pair shorter than the other. These help them feel their way around.

Habitation of Crawfish

Crawfish do well in clean, natural aquatic settings along the margins of bodies of water. The freshwater habitats they reside in include streams, marshes, caves, lakes and ponds. Crawfish maintain healthy populations in water free of population. They also graze and keep primary productivity in check.