176 Famous and Funny Goose Names

Goose Names

For over centuries, names have been used to distinguish between various animals. It is therefore a normal practice to name animals; from domestic animals to those in zoos, game parks and even species considered as pets. That being said, an essential factor to be aware of when choosing an ideal for name for a goose is whether the names suit the temperament or physical appearance of the goose. Some people prefer to name them after popular television characters or famous individuals. Others opt for names that are generally used by humans. It is also common to select a name base on its meaning. Funny goose names are the most popular as they are considered as cute and fun.


Funny Goose Names

As already mentioned, cute and funny goose names are common. The rationale behind such names is that they are memorable; this is a way of showing affection to the bird. They also allow people to develop a connection with the birds hence a common practice is to name pets and not farm animals. Below are some cute and funny goose names that can be used.

Yummy: goose meat is delicious; it is the centrepiece Christmas dish hence the name yummy.

Daffy: based on the character of Daffy Duck in the Looney Tunes.

Howard: from the main character In Howard the Duck.

Long Neck: geese have long necks, making this a good yet funny name.

Funny goose names also include:

  • Fuzzball
  • Nimbus
  • Toothless
  • Captain
  • Eggspresso
  • Tutu
  • Twinkie
  • Quack Attack
  • Pogo
  • Plucky

Good Goose Names

Good goose names are relevant to their temperament and physical features. As such, some goose names are based on colour. Goose can be given ordinary human names or can be named after famous individuals or places. The most important aspect is to make sure that the name is suitable and relevant to the animal. Good goose names are memorable, they are not easily forgotten and are relatable.

Ashy/ Silver/ Smokey: these names are suitable for grey geese.

Zara: this name has many meanings. In Russian it means princes and in Hebrew, it means seed.

Adele: a German name that means sweet.

Gia: meaning gracious which is ideal for geese as they are regarded as gracious species.

  • Benjamin
  • Neo
  • Posey
  • Moe
  • Jessica
  • Blair
  • Finn
  • Kit
  • Polly
  • Micah
  • Tory
  • Teri
  • Wren
  • Keith
  • Elena
  • Femi
  • Goldie
  • Goosy
  • Mateo
  • Allie
  • Makai
  • Cathy
  • Alice
  • Sam
  • Zephyr

Famous Goose Names

Famous goose names are often taken from successful television shows, popular places across the globe and even common names given to humans. These are preferred by most farmers because they are relatable and can sometimes be quite funny. Famous goose names can also be inspired by local and world leaders. A common practice is to alter the name a little to suit the animal. The following are some famous goose names used around the world.

Lord Felldrake Shedgoose: a character in the popular cartoon series, Legend of the Three Caballeros.

Gander Hooter: from the cartoon series, Darkwing Duck.

Jack/ Billy/ Murray: geese can be named after any cartoon characters, even those that are played by other animals and even humans.

Coco/ Booboo: these are common names given to pets, including geese.

Other famous goose names are:

  • Sara Bellum
  • Gladstone Gander
  • Abigail
  • Amelia
  • Gus
  • Garfield
  • Goosey
  • Honkey Muddlefoot
  • Akka
  • Herb
  • Golly
  • Blinkie
  • Uncle Waldo
  • Fanny
  • Mr Goose
  • Luke
  • Honker
  • Lucy
  • Socrates Gosling

Female Goose Names

There is no special name given to a female goose. However, a group of female geese are referred to as gaggle. Female goose names are normally cute and famine. Funny goose names can also be used but this is not a common practise when naming female species. Female goose names are inspired by nature, famous women, leaders and those of royalty. They can also be given names that normally belong to humans. Good female goose names capture the character or the physical appearance of the animals. Here are some female goose names:

Tiffany: sometimes the ideas girl turtle names are classic.

Nakota: exotic names are perfect for female geese. This name means friend or ally.

Arianna: the name is inspired by Arianna Grande, an American musician. It means most holy.

Miss Molly: a simple yet distinguished name.

Rosalba: the names means white rose making it ideal for white geese.

List of names for female geese

  • Olivia
  • Amelia
  • Willow
  • Rylee
  • Ariel
  • Payton
  • Buga
  • Chico
  • Lilah
  • Kaia
  • Alize
  • Paris
  • Kinley
  • Holly
  • Coco
  • Elea
  • Kyle
  • Claudia
  • Nono
  • Karla
  • Chana
  • Luz
  • Sandra
  • Ariana
  • Zoey

Male Goose Names

A male goose is called a gander. A group of them are referred to as simply ganders. Similar to all other animal species including humans, male geese are given names that are different from those of females. Male goose names are usually funny rather than cute. The most commonly used male goose names are:

Chase: taken from the phrase ‘wild goose chase’ which is used to describe pursuits that will inevitably lead to unsatisfactory results.

Dove/Bolt: usually given to white male goose.

Blanco: meaning white in Spanish.

Boss: a good name for a male goose.

Franklin/ Washington/ Mandela: names of famous people or places make for interesting gander names.

  • Charlie
  • Theo
  • Ronald
  • Jude
  • Kevin
  • Rhett
  • River
  • Barret
  • Aziel
  • Eliel
  • Jack
  • Lane
  • Sekani
  • Sean
  • Miles
  • Cairo
  • Ben
  • Bobby
  • Mathisa
  • Asher
  • Niko
  • Rashid
  • Boris
  • Milo
  • Sage

Pet Goose Names

Pet goose names are usually fun and cute. A common practice is to name pet geese after people’s favourite food or alter normal names to sound cute and fun. Pet goose names can also be inspired by people’s favourite destinations. Some pet geese are given names that are quite funny.

Feijoa/ Durian/ Date: some geese are named after fruits and vegetables.

Fluffy: inspired by their coat.

Lily/ Lilac: flowers make beautiful names for pet geese.

Truffle: a fun and unisex name for geese.

Godzilla: for tough and snappy geese.

  • Lurky
  • Jack
  • Polly
  • Bruno
  • Rex
  • Napoleon
  • Tilly
  • Abbie
  • Baby Doll
  • Cindy
  • Biscuit
  • Casper
  • Barbie
  • Ghost
  • Kare
  • Dexter
  • Raptor
  • Dahlia
  • Luna
  • Lilly
  • Nibby
  • Harry
  • Pretty
  • Skye
  • Moon
  • Ziggy

Goose Pun Names

A pun is a joke that exploits the different meaning of a word. Goose pun names are therefore terms that are altered to suit the physical traits of the animal. Pun names are usually developed from character traits or names of famous people. The upside of choosing a pun name is that they are creative and so pet owners can come up with any name they deem suitable rather than simply selecting from a pool of names.  Below is a list of goose pun names and the rationale behind the puns.

Ryan Gosling: a pun on Ryan Gosling who is a famous actor

Liam Geeson: a play on a famous Irish actor’s name Liam Neeson.

Whitey Houston: a pun on Whitney Houston.

Lady Goose/ Sir Gosling: these are funny yet distinguished names for geese.

Goose Willis: inspired by the famous actor, Bruce Willis.

  • The Spruce Goose
  • Kanye Westie
  • Chick Clark
  • Geese Witherspoon
  • Will Tweeton
  • Goose Springsteen
  • Hootankhamun
  • Puffin
  • Stephen Honking
  • Robin Goose
  • Goosetavo
  • Clucky
  • Mark Paul Gosling

Goose Nicknames

A nickname is a familiar or humorous name given to a person or animals. Funny goose names are sometimes also used as nicknames. Most people prefer nicknames over ordinary names because they express the character of the animal and are not easily forgotten. Goose nicknames are often inspired by their physical characteristics or personality traits. Common goose names include:

Whitey: the name is often given to white geese.

Cluck: named after the sound that geese make.

Shamrock Gander:  named after a Walt Disney Character.

Buddy: a common nickname for people and pets alike.

  • Sunny
  • Bella
  • Oliver
  • Roo
  • Boobah
  • Riku
  • Rosey
  • Koshi
  • Cebo
  • Stormy
  • Zoe
  • Dafy
  • Coco
  • Birdie
  • Trixy
  • Hedwig
  • Oscar
  • Tweety
  • Winter
  • Chanco

Cute Goose Names

Goose are cute and adorable creatures. For this reason, cute names are most suitable for them. Cute goose names can be inspired by a variety of things including food and even snow. The following are cute goose names preferred by most breeders.

Booboo Bear: a common name used to show affection to loved ones.

Tony: short for Anthony. The name means flower.

Snow/ Whitey: normally given to white geese.

Orion:  a Greek mythological name meaning rising star.

Chocolate: a term of endearment for pets thus it is a cute and adorable name for a goose.

  • Grabby
  • Faye
  • Gracie
  • Luna
  • Rosie
  • Nova
  • Yoda
  • Zuri
  • Uri
  • Thandi
  • Nora
  • Caroline
  • Anne
  • Atty
  • Zac
  • Bobby
  • Felix
  • Tobby
  • Vihaan
  • Bear

What Are Cute Duck Names?

Ducks and geese belong to the same family; they are all waterfowls. As such, they often have similar names. Their names can be derived from nature or physical traits. They can also be names after favourite places or even famous people and popular movie characters. People with pet ducks like to give them cute names. The following are a list of cute duck names that are commonly used across the globe.

Louie: a character from the cartoon series, Duck Tales.

Daisy/ Della: comic characters

Ducky: from the term duck.

Donald: the name is inspired by a cartoon character, Donal Duck.

April: the name is usually given to ducks that are born during the month of April.

  • Plucky
  • Mellisa
  • Tobby
  • Tilly
  • Drake
  • Webby
  • Iggy
  • Fenton
  • Quaker
  • Mikey
  • Aflac
  • Cheddar
  • Harry
  • Monica
  • Emma
  • Elsa
  • Irene
  • Pepper
  • Zara
  • Queenie

What Are Cute Pet Names?

Cute pet names depend on the type of pet. This is because they are inspired by the physical traits of the pet. There are however some names that are relevant to all types of pets. These include names of places, those of popular individuals and terms of endearment. Naming pets based on gender rather than traits is also another way of getting cute universal pet names. Here are some common pet names and their meaning.

Cupcake/ Munchkin/ Skittles: it is common to name pets after one’s favourite dessert or snack. These terms actually make for cute pet names.

Missy: names that are regarded as cute for humans are also ideal for pets.

Cutie/ Cootie: from the word cute.

Aries: zodiac signs make for perfect pet names. These can be given according to the birthday of the pet.

  • Apricot
  • Snow
  • Chip
  • Dot
  • Peanut
  • Luna
  • Snickers
  • Aries
  • Astro
  • Foxy
  • Greta
  • Jett
  • June
  • Kali
  • Ezra
  • Babie
  • Ringo
  • Sweetie-pie
  • Zoie
  • Angie