159 Cool and Cute Manatee Names

Manatee Names

A manatee is largely known as a sea cow. It is a huge aquatic mammal with an egg shaped head, a flat tail and flippers. Though manatees are closely related to elephants, they swim quickly and gracefully. If you have a chance of naming a manatee, here are some of the names which might inspire you.


Tips For Naming Animals

Naming an animal can be very exciting whether it is a wild animal or a your new pet. To make the job easier for you there are some factors you need to consider before naming your sea cow. You should make sure that the name you choose for your manatee is easy to call out and catchy even for visitors that may visit an aquarium. Even if it is one that you may have come across at sea, your name for the manatee should be simple. It is also important to give the manatee a name that does not sound like a command. Choose a name with few syllables and make sure that the name is not too long. You can also gather input from visitors and staff if you want to name a manatee from the aquarium or get the team you go with at sea if your manatee is not kept at an aquarium. Getting other people’s input will make the job much easier for you and it will encourage everyone to know the sea cow better as well as create bond with the animal. It is also important to set some ground rules if you want to involve everyone in the process.

Cute Manatee Names

Adah: The name Adah means an ornament and it is a cute name for your adorable manatee.

Marine Elephant: Manatees are distant cousins of elephants and so the name Marine Elephant I a cute name choice for your sea cow.

Danny: Danny is a byname of the name Daniel, a male given name which is apt for your manatee.

Farold: You can consider naming your manatee Farold, a name which means powerful traveler. This name is appropriate for your sea cow since it travels and seeks warm water in winter.

Beau: The name Beau is a cute name for your manatee; this name means beautiful or handsome.s

Below are more names which will suit your manatee.

  • Berli
  • Sneaky
  • Alan
  • Gilbert
  • Weasel
  • Humpty
  • Benice
  • Frisky
  • Pleaty
  • Arthur
  • Molar
  • Bart
  • Winey
  • Calvin
  • Ben
  • Duni
  • Blake
  • Damon

Types Of Manatee

There are 3  common types of manatees which are, the West Indian Manatee the West African Manatee, and the Amazonian Manatee. The West Indian manatee has a greyish or brownish skin, a rounded tail, and nails on its forelimbs. These Indian manatees are some of the largest sirenians that can grow to 13 feet and weigh about 3,300 pounds. The second most common manatee is the West African manatee. This Manatee can be found off the coast of western Africa. It is just as large as the West Indian manatee and it has a similar appearance to the Indian manatee. Its distinct feature is its blunter snout. The West African manatee can be found in coastal areas in both saltwater and freshwater. The third type of manatee is the  Amazonian manatee. This type of manatee is considered one of the smallest member of the manatee family. It can grow to about 9 feet long and weighs up to 1,100 pounds. The Amazonian manatee has smooth skin and it is the only manatee with no nails on its forelimbs. This manatee is a freshwater species that can be spotted in the South American waters of the Amazon River Basin and its tributaries.

Male Manatee Names

A male manatee is called a bull and if you want a good name for your pet, here are names that we have suggested for you.

Aaron: You can name your bull Aaron, a name which means a mountain of strength. The manatee is strong enough so this name will suit your pet.

Jordan: Jordan is a good name for your bull. This name means to flow downwards and it suits your manatee since its heavy bone structure helps it swim to the bottom of the ocean were it finds plants to feed on.

Bo: The name Bo is a Chinese name, short and cute. It means waves and its complements the manatee’s wave footprint.

Antonino: This name is a diminutive of the name Antonio, an Italian name meaning praise worth. The name Antonino suits a bull that is good at something unique.

Below are more names which will suit a male manatee.

  • Randal
  • Andrew
  • Romeo
  • Blessed
  • Liam
  • William
  • Ezra
  • Jeremy
  • Drake
  • Grey
  • Milo
  • Nathaniel
  • Dylan
  • Providence
  • Bruce
  • Aiden
  • Brightwel
  • Adrian

Manatee Diet

Manatees are herbivorous, they like to feed on a wide range of submerged, emerged, floating, plus shoreline vegetation. Manatees in other countries feed on more than 60 species of plants such as turtle grass, grass, shoal grass, mangrove leaves, various algae, water hyacinth, acorns, and hydrilla. In Sierra Leone, Africa and in West African a manatee is considered a pest because it consumes fields of planted rice. These animals have occasionally been seen eating foods other than plants. Antillean manatees eat fish from nets whilst the West African manatees eat clams. Some Amazonian manatees that live in deep bodies of water are believed to fast during dry seasons when water levels drop as much as 9 to 15 m (30-50 ft.), which eliminatie their access to vegetation. Manatees have a very low metabolic rate, so it is speculated that Amazonian manatees can fast for about seven months if necessary. These animals have been known to crop overhanging branches, consume acorns, and haul themselves partially out of the water in order to eat bank vegetation including the leaves of mangrove trees. These animals use their front flippers and large, flexible lips to manipulate vegetation. Manatees have horny, ridged pads at the front of their palate and lower jaw that they use to break vegetation into smaller pieces.

Female Manatee Names

A manatee is also called a sea cow, therefore, a female manatee is called a cow. These are hard to differentiate from the male manatees, but if you are certain you pet is a female, here are some of the names to consider.

Mermaid: Manatees belong to the animal order called the Sirenia, just as the mermaids. Also, sailors have always mistaken them for legendary mermaids, therefore, this is a good name for your cow.

Beauty: A manatee is very beautiful; hence the name Beauty will suit it.

Ripple: When manatees swim, they leave a footprint, which is an oval shapes ripple, therefore, this name is apt for them.

Snoopy: The name Snoopy is perfect for your cow since manatees are inquisitive, they do appear close to the shore were there will be humans.

Gracious: Gracious is a good feminine name for your graceful cow.

Davina: The name Davina is appropriate for your adorable manatee. This name means cherished and it suits a cow you love.

Here are other female manatee names to consider.

  • Annalise
  • Gail
  • Dewy
  • Abi
  • Aviv
  • Danele
  • Liza
  • Peron
  • Gab
  • Cindy
  • Ivy
  • Apple
  • Tulip
  • Salma
  • Mia
  • Cleopatra
  • Viola
  • Iris
  • Muffin

Manatee Habitat

When it comes to where they live Manatees are mostly found in rivers, bays, and canals. The west Indian and west African manatees can be spotted in rivers, bays, canals, estuaries, and coastal areas rich in seagrass and other vegetation. These animals can live in fresh, saline or salt water, as well as brackish waters. They are able to move freely between the extremes.
West Indian manatees can be spotted in any waterway over 3.25 ft deep that is connected to the coast. Manatees prefer water with temperatures just above 70°F. Florida manatees hardly swim into deep ocean waters. West African manatees like the quiet coastal areas, large rivers, lagoons, and connected lakes, where the water temperature is above 64°F.When it comes to the Amazonian manatee fresh water is essential. These kinds of manatees are found in floodplain lakes and they can also be found in channels in white-water river systems that have temperatures ranging from 77°-86°F. The distribution of manatees throughout all the areas is due to their search of a suitable habitat, an abundance of plants and a freshwater source of water to drink.

Baby Manatee Names

A baby manatee is called a calf and it is born underwater, were it learns how to swim within the first hour after its birth. The calf matures into a sexually mature manatee when it turns five years. If you want a name for a calf, you can consider the names below.

Big Baby: The name Big Baby is apt for your calf as it weighs up to 32 kg and measures up to 1.4 m; making it a very big baby.

Fetal Crinkles: Fetal Crinkles is a different name for your baby manatee. The name suits since a calf is born with fetal folds which clear out after a month; the name will stick.

Nibbles: You can name your calf Nibbles, and the name will stick because they begin to nibble on plants after a few weeks of birth.

 Boss Baby: This name is inspired by the protagonist of the cartoon ‘Boss Baby.’ The name complements the calf’s swimming abilities within the first hour of its birth.

Thingamabob: The term Thingamabob acts as a placeholder word for a person forgotten. It is a cute and long name which suits your long baby manatee.

Little Elephant: Manatees are distant cousins of elephants, therefore, the name Little Elephant is appropriate for your calf.

Read on for more baby manatee names.

  • Tony
  • Gritter
  • Bruce
  • Curie
  • Emily
  • Slick
  • Bianca
  • Adva
  • Laurie
  • Aubin
  • Whistles
  • Nick
  • Judith
  • Trixie
  • Janvi
  • Julie

Interesting Facts About Manatees

Besides being called sea cows, manatees are not related to cows at all. The closest living relative to a manatee is an elephant. Manatees are believed to be elephants evolved from the same ancestor over 50 million years ago. If you look at the details, the relationship between the two creatures is not that surprising. Both creatures have a sphere-shaped heart, which is very unusual in the animal kingdom. Both the manatee and the elephant have similar eating techniques, a manatee’s has flexible lips that work like an elephant’s trunk. Another interesting fact about manatees is that when it comes to reproduction, the female manatees are pretty committed mothers. Their gestation period is about one year long. Also, calves are nursed for two or so years before they are able to go out on their own. The mother teaches its babies about feeding, warm-water refuges, as well as travel routes. The parenting role is only taken by the mothers and the fathers do not play any parental role in nurturing the calf. It takes a very long time to nurture a manatee calf.

Good Manatee Names

We have also suggested good names for your manatee, scroll below for more inspiring names.

Fergie: The name Fergie is a good name for your manatee as it demonstrates its strength.

Batty Fins: You can name your manatee Batty Fins and the name will stick since manatees have paddle or bat like flippers.

Lamar: Lamar is a perfect name for your marine pet, as this name means one who is from the sea.

Lizette: Lizette is a good name to give to your manatee. This name is a variant of Elizabeth, a feminine name derived from the Hebrew name Elisheva.

Seer: A seer is a fortune teller, which a manatee is not, but it has good eyesight, therefore the name is appropriate.

Gad: The term gad is used to describe the act of partying and it makes a good name for a jolly manatee.

Alfonso: Alfonso is an Italian name translating to ready for battle. With its huge size, the manatee does look like a tank ready for battle, therefore, this name is apt for your aquatic pet.

We have compiled a list of other good names for your manatee.

  • Bagel
  • Flick
  • Nex
  • Ozone
  • Deep
  • Daniel
  • Stan
  • Malik
  • Tyrion
  • Winston
  • Ian
  • Gotham
  • Jon
  • Geoffrey
  • Ears
  • Chubby
  • Simon

Cool Manatee Names

Manatees are cool big mammals; they are so big that they are vulnerable to collisions with speed boats. We have suggested some cool names for your sea cow.

Uncle Fin: Uncle Fin is a cool name for your elderly manatee and will suit since the sea cow has flippers.

Evolver: The name Evolver is a cool name for your manatee, that is because, they are believed to have evolved from four-legged land mammals more than 60 million ago.

Truck: A truck is a big car which you can name your manatee after since it is also huge and they both need to turn their whole bodies to face what is behind them.

Nippy: Nippy is a term used to describe the rapid rate at which something goes. It is a cool name for your manatee since it is a fast swimmer.

Andino: Andino is an Italian version of Andrew and it is a cool name for your manatee.

Aggression: Naming your manatee Aggression is cool; however, this name means aggression. Manatees are not violent mammals but the name is apt because a group of manatees is called an aggregation and it sounds almost like aggression.

One Tenth: One Tenth is an ideal name for your manatee as it is capable of eating a tenth of its own weight in 24 hours.

Below are other cool names which will suit your cool pet.

  • Fang
  • Burlap
  • Sushi
  • Ricky
  • Aldo
  • Ink
  • Dice
  • Sylvester
  • Gem
  • Acorn
  • Cooper
  • Bao
  • Ying
  • Penguin
  • Albinia
  • Dolly
  • Walnut
  • Clay

Funny Manatee Names

If you prefer giving your manatee a name which humors you, here are some of the funny names which might suit it.

Moo Moo: Manatees are also called sea cow, therefore naming your sea cow after a cow’s sound is funny.

Garden Algae: This is a funny name for your manatee but it is suiting anyway since algae and other photosynthetic organisms often grow on manatees’ skin.

360: Anything you think of makes a cute name choice for your pet, numbers too. 360 is an appropriate funny name for your manatee since it has to rotate 360 degrees around for it to be able to take a look at whatever is behind it.

Itsy: Irony also makes the best funny names for your pet. Itsy is a term used on tiny critters; it is an ironic name when used on an animal as big as a manatee.

Rear Mirror: A rear view mirror is the mirror located at the side of the car, just next to the driver’s window and it helps the driver see the traffic behind. Likewise, the manatee needs one for it to be able to know what is behind it without having to turn.

Egg Head: Egg Head is a term used to tease people with oval shaped head. This makes a funny name for your mammal which actually has an egg-shaped head.

Below are other funny manatee names which you can give to your sea cow.

  • Slinger
  • Flat Base
  • Cheekier
  • Propeller
  • Need for Speed
  • Costarico
  • Accretion
  • Creek
  • Allotmener
  • Mammalia
  • Tooth Fairy
  • Manure
  • Siren
  • Poker
  • Turner
  • Clairvoyant
  • Claws

Unique Manatee Names

A distinctive name is a good name to give to your manatee as it helps it stand out. Here are unique manatee names which you might like.

  • Propensity
  • Odelia
  • Cumbersome
  • Elegant
  • Davina
  • Bahamas
  • Lady Cool
  • Peak
  • Dugong
  • Alcinia
  • Vestigial-claw
  • Earbone
  • Jared
  • Breast
  • Racket
  • Annuziata
  • Zachery
  • Loller

Do Manatees Have an Alpha?

Manatees are not territorial, so they have no leader or followers, they can swim alone or in pairs. Sometimes they do swim in groups when they are sharing a large warm area with high food supply. A mating herd of manatees also swim as a group.

Why Can’t a Manatee Turn Its Head Sideways?

Unlike other mammals, the manatee has only six neck vertebrae instead of seven; as a result, it cannot turn its head sideways, rather, it turns the whole body around to see behind it. They never go on land and they don’t always need to breath; they can rest under the water for 15 minutes without taking a breath.

Do Manatee have Teeth?

Manatees do have teeth and their only teeth are called marching molars. These teeth are replaced throughout its life to adapt to the manatee’s diet of rough vegetation.