168 Funny and Good Polar Bear Names

Polar Bear Names

Polar bears are cute and cuddlesome but they have a ferocious roar. You can actually name your polar bear after its outwards appearance. You should know, polar bears have a black skin which absorbs heat. Its broad feet, has hairy soles which protect, insulate and facilitate movement across ice. we have put together good and cool names for your polar bear.


Good Polar Bear Names

Thalarctos: You can name your polar bear Thalarctos, a Greek name which translates to ‘sea bear.’ This is a good polar bear name considering the fact that, these are swimming bears.

Whitey: This is a good name which suits your polar bear. Although we have already mentioned that these bears have a black skin, they also have translucent fur that reflects the light around them, making them appear as white. Therefore, the name Whitey is appropriate for your polar bear.

Skater: The name Skater just sounds right for an ice bear who skates through the ice.

Teddy: Teddy makes a good polar bear name. This name complements the bear’s furry nature.

Gyp: You can consider naming your polar bear Gyp, a common bear name in Siberia. Gyp translates to ‘grandfather,’ a name which reflects respect given to a polar bear. This name is perfect, since a polar bear is known to be the largest and most powerful carnivore on earth.

Stocky: A polar bear weighs 410-720 kilograms and it grows 1.6 metres tall, 2.5 metres in length and has a tail of 7-12 centimetres. It is a huge mammal, hence, the name Stocky will suit your polar bear.

Rider: Rider is a good name to give to your polar bear. This name is suiting, since they are known as the riders of the icebergs.

Here are more names that are good for your polar bear.

  • Charlie
  • Hadia
  • Paul
  • Chaplain
  • Fred
  • Barney
  • Whitney
  • Peter
  • Fluffy
  • Alexis
  • Aurora
  • Paisley
  • Patsy
  • Bob
  • Petunia
  • Iceberg
  • Pauline
  • David
  • Crotchet
  • Maximus
  • Hector

Funny Polar Bear Names

You might want to give a funny name to your bear, something that makes you laugh when you think of it. here are funny names that you might like.

God’s Dog: Assuming God is a very big being, if he would have a dog, it would be the biggest living mammal right? Therefore, the name God’s Dog is apt for your polar bear.

White Sea Deer: A deer is a lovely animal just as a polar bear is an adorable, white sea critter.  The name White Sea Deer is the best for it and it is funny too since a deer is nothing close to a polar bear when it comes to size and coat colour.

Sniffie: Sniffy is a funny name for your polar bear. This name is perfect for a polar bear as she can sniff out a seal from 20 miles away.

Stalker: Polar bears are said to stalk pinnipeds resting on the ice, so the name Stalker is a good funny name for your polar bear.

Mermaid: Naming your polar bear Mermaid is definitely funny, but still the name suits, as polar bears swim swiftly like mermaids. They use only their front limbs; an aquatic adaptation found in no other four-legged mammal.

Mr Hairy-hairy: Mr Hairy-hairy is a befitting name for your polar bear’ as his whole body is furry, even his sole is hairy.

Floe Sailor: You can consider naming your polar bear Floe Sailor, a perfect name for a critter who travels long distances over vast desolate expanses on drifting oceanic ice floes.

You can also consider other hilarious polar bear names we have listed below.

  • Stepfather
  • Old-man in the Fur Cloak
  • Sheepish
  • Wanderer
  • Kissyfur
  • Snuggle Bug
  • Deceiver
  • Bamboo
  • Munchkin
  • Mr Bear
  • Baloo

Baby Polar Bear Names

A baby polar bear is called a cub. Polar bear cubs are adorable, small and fragile. We have compiled cute names for your baby polar bear.

Ursolo: You can name your little cub Ursolo, a Latin name meaning ‘bear.’

Hope: Hope is a great name for your little polar bear. The name expresses hope for the future generation of polar bears, now that scientists have predicted a two thirds decline in polar bear population by 2050.

Oslo: The name Oslo is a great name for a polar bear.

Aklaq: Aklaq is a good name to give to your cub. This name translates to ‘black bear,’ and it will suit your polar bear since he is a black bear after all.

Lars: Lars is a cute name, perfect for your little bear. The name is inspired by the protagonist of the series ‘The Little Polar Bear.’

Kayi: This name means ‘snow,’ in the Inuit language. It matches the bear’s translucent fur.

Kulu: You can consider naming your cub after the fluffy, white and cute cub in the Columbus Zoo whose name is Kulu.

Here are more baby polar bear names we have put together for you.

  • Munchkin
  • Orso
  • Corky
  • Arthur
  • Buttercup
  • Minik
  • Cookie
  • Artus
  • Indigo
  • Peanut
  • Arthis
  • Rupert
  • Husky
  • Arzel
  • Baby Bear
  • Arzu
  • Cuddles
  • Karhua
  • Knut

Female Polar Bear Names

If your polar bear is a female, here are names which will suit her.

Queen: Having mentioned that polar bears are the most respected critters, because of their power and fearlessness; naming your sow Queen of the arctic is ideal.

Blanco: The name Blanco is a good name for your sow. Blanco is Spanish for ‘white,’ and it is an apt name to give to your female polar bear.

Bella: Bella means ‘beautiful,’ and it is a good name to give to an adorable she-bear.

Love Bug: You can name your bear Love Bug, and the name will suit her because she is lovely.

Snuggle Bug: This is the best name for your female polar bear. A polar bear is cuddly, therefore, Snuggle Bug sounds like the right name for it.

Snowball: Snowball is an ideal name for your polar bear as she lives in the ice and she is big.

Angel: You can consider naming your she-bear Angel. A polar bear has pure white fur, so she is deserving to be named Angel.

Below are more names that are appropriate for your sow.

  • Cookie
  • Lola
  • Sugar
  • Lilly
  • Munchkin
  • Maya
  • Sugar
  • Mia
  • Nola
  • Millie
  • Sunflower
  • Whitney
  • Lucy
  • Molly
  • Isabell
  • Daisy
  • Protector

Male Polar Bear Names

A male polar bear is called a boar. We have suggested the perfect names that are suitable for your boar below.

Whale’s Bane: Polar bears are excellent swimmers and they are known to kill whales. They surely bring misery to the whales, so the name Whale’s Bane is appropriate for your male polar bear.

King: This is a great name for a male poplar bear. The name emphasizes the bear’s power and strength as the Arctic’s top predator.

Koslav: The name Koslav will suit your boar. It is inspired by the character from ‘Zootopia,’ who is Mr Big’s most reliable and trusted henchman. If you have built a good friendship with your polar bear, this name will suit him.

Herbert: The name Herbert makes a good name for a he-bear. This name draws inspiration from the popular villain bear from ‘Club Penguin,’ therefore the name will suit a wild polar bear.

 Beast: Polar bears are indeed beasts; they are said to have no predator, and that proves that they are beasts.

You can also consider the boar names listed below.

  • Paul
  • Hudson
  • Zook
  • Ice Bear
  • Kaia
  • Kallik
  • Jak
  • Ursa
  • Kaskae
  • Luk
  • Coca Cola Bear
  • Bernard
  • Luk

Cool Polar Bear Names

If you want a name that causes your polar bear to stand out, here are cool polar bear names.

Seal’s Dread: Polar bears stalk seals resting on the ice and ambushes them. At times they dig young seals from snow shelters; they are really feared by seal, hence the name, Seal’s Dread suits a polar bear.

Nanuk: Nanuk is another name that is perfect and it helps your polar bear stand out. This name means ‘animal who is worthy of respect.’  The name definitely suits your polar bear because it is respected greatly as the largest and most powerful carnivore on land.

Fuzzy Whuzzy: This name is cool for a polar bear; the name matches its thick fur which tempts people into wanting to snuggle it.

Snowie: Snowie is a cool polar bear name which will suit your she-bear. This name complements the bear’s white fur and it also acknowledges the environment in which she lives.

Winnie: You can name your polar panda after the character, Winnie from ‘Winnie the Pooh.’ The name suits a lovable polar bear; it is a cool name for a cub.

Thor: Naming your polar bear Thor is cool. This name is inspired by the protagonist of the movie ‘Thor,’ who is a strong hero. The name emphasizes the bear’s strength.

Here are other cool names for your polar bear.

  • Indigo
  • Minik
  • Kayi
  • Jak
  • Juno
  • Minnie
  • Nanaq
  • Poky
  • Honey
  • Peaches
  • Twinky
  • Fuzzball
  • Grace
  • Clarabelle
  • Roosevelt
  • Snow White

Nicknames for Polar Bears

If you are looking for the best monikers for your polar bear, here are a few suggested nicknames.

Claws: Claws is a good moniker for your polar bear, since it has strong sharp claws which helps it gain traction, dig through the ice and kill its prey.

Other nicknames that are perfect for your polar bear are listed below.

  • Iceburg
  • Pola
  • Snow
  • Fluffy Hugs
  • Lary
  • Poby
  • Polar

Zoo Bear Names

You might want to name your polar bear after a zoo bear. If so, here are common zoo bear names.

  • Humphrey
  • Hudson
  • Nikita
  • Aurora
  • Juno
  • Chinook
  • Tatqiq
  • Kallul

Popular Famous Bear Names

If you want to give your bear a popular name, you can consider popular fictional characters. Here are famous names you might like.

  • Ice Bear
  • Nanuk
  • Kallik
  • Ursus Maritimus
  • Bernard
  • White Sea Deer
  • Nanuq
  • Orqoi
  • Svenka
  • Taqqiq
  • Luk
  • Isbjorn
  • Ursa
  • Iorek Byrnison
  • White Bear
  • Muk
  • Gyp

How Polar Bears Communicate

Polar bears use body language and sounds for communication. Usually growls are used to defend their food source. A deep growl is a warning, while the act of waging its head from side to side is a sign that the polar bear wants to play. When mad, the polar bear uses its loud growl and a chuffing sound.