154 Funny and Cute Snail Names

Snail Names

Snails are easy to handle, small animals that make for great pets. They possess some interesting features and therefore are preferred by most people around the world. While they are easy to name, giving them goo names can be quite a daunting task. This is because most snails are hermaphrodites and a common practice is to name living organisms based on gender. Funny snail names become valuable in such cases because they are unisex and apply to all animals regardless of gender. This article provides different names that can be used for snails; from funny snail names, cute names, cartoon names and pun names among numerous others.


Funny Snail Names

Snails are quite slow animals. Due to this trait, they are often given funny names. Funny snail names are also preferred as they allow people to connect with their pets. Funny names are also memorable which makes them ideal for pet snail. These names are often inspired by the physical characteristics of snails such as their slimy and slow nature. While some names communicate this directly, others are ironic making them funny and relatable. Some of the commonly used names are:

Sleepy-head: snails move slowly, in a seemingly lazy, sleepy manner.

Mushy/ Pulpy/ Spongy: snails are soft and moist making them appear squishy.

Slime Shady: a pun on the rapper, Slim Shady’s name.

Bomb/ Grenade: this name is inspired by their hard shells.

Funny names given to snails also include:

  • Scooter
  • Bolt
  • Peek-a-Boo
  • Dome
  • Franklin
  • Shell-shocker
  • Speedy
  • Dr Slimy
  • Shyman
  • Bowser
  • Snapper

Good Snail Names

Good names are memorable and allow for easy identification between animals of the same group. While all snails share generic physical traits, they may behave slightly different which is noticeable upon close inspection. As such, for people keeping more than one snail pet, it is a good idea to name them according to their personal characteristics rather than physical features. Note that snails can differ in terms of their physical qualities; good snail names can therefore be based on this trait.

Shelly: a pun on the word shell. This is a good name as snails also have shells, hence the pun.

Bella/Belle: meaning beautiful.

Itty bitty/ Nana/ Smallie: inspired by their small stature.

Mini-me: a perfect name for a pet snail.

Teeny: a common name that is given to short girls. It is also ideal for small creatures.

Other good snail names are:

  • Aiden
  • Mateo
  • Theo
  • Ryan
  • Angel
  • Eloise
  • Chase
  • Ivan
  • Brody
  • Jesse
  • Lane
  • Emma
  • Ivy
  • Jett
  • Ellis
  • Kade
  • Sage
  • Davis
  • Neil
  • Amaya
  • Casen
  • Josie
  • Musa
  • Van
  • Jair

Pet Snail Names

Pet name can either be cute or funny. Some pet names are based on characters from movies, favourite desserts or places. Other pets are named after their owners. Pet names often show affection. They can also be popular so that they are not easily be forgotten. Similar to other pet names, pet snail names should encompass ether of the mentioned aspects. Here are some commonly used pet snail names:

Cake/ Muffin/ Yummy: it is a common practice to name snails after favourite foods. As a matter of fact, terms of endearment make for perfect pet snail names.

Bentley/ Ferrari: fast cars make for ironic yet perfect names for pet snails.

Dawn/ Dusk/ Melon/ Lemmon: these names depend on the colour of the snail.

Adi: meaning Jewel.

Pet names for snails also include:

  • Augie
  • Isaboo
  • Molly
  • Bambi
  • Lola
  • Bess
  • Dot
  • Dream
  • Mew
  • First Lady
  • Mocha
  • Rock
  • Freddie
  • Asia
  • Freddie
  • Lupo
  • Baby
  • Sam
  • Jewel
  • Tulip
  • Coco
  • Phoebe
  • Poppy
  • Spike

Cute Snail Names

Similar to pet names, cute snail names are taken from terms of endearment. Snails can also be given ordinary human names. Cute names are preferred because they show affection. They are ideal for small pets like snails. To add on, snail names can be inspired by their personal traits like the kind of food that they eat. The following cute snail names are used across the globe and so are ideal for pet snails.

Mr. Vegan: snails are herbivorous and so like to eat greens. They are usually found in trees although some are land snails.

Sandwich/ Apple pie: terms of endearment can be used as names for pets.

Lilac: flowers are beautiful and so make for cute snail names.

Foster/Martini: ideal for pet owners who love cocktails, beer, or wine.

Additional snail names that are cute include:

  • Rose
  • Gio
  • Winter
  • Alice
  • Allen
  • Sir
  • Ines
  • River
  • Luna
  • Zahir
  • Iris
  • May
  • Eissa
  • Alena
  • Capri
  • Hazel
  • Alex
  • Bluebell
  • Hugo
  • Silas
  • Billy
  • Oscar
  • Nhlanhla
  • Maceo
  • Leigh

Unisex Snail Names

Unisex names are suitable for both the male and female gender. Some pet owners prefer to unisex snail names over gender-specific ones. Since snails are hermaphroditic, a gender-neutral name is quite suitable.

Ciroc/ Cappuccino/ Cocktail: named after common beverages.

Racer/ Ninja: ironic names are unisex. They are suitable for both female and male pet snails.

Cupcake: endearment terms make for ideal unisex names.

Shelly/ Shelby/ Hardy: names based on physical characteristics are usually unisex as they relate to both genders.

Unisex snail names include:

  • Addison
  • Arden
  • Thembi
  • Avis
  • Pepsi
  • Paris
  • Grey
  • June
  • Aries
  • Jade
  • Shaw
  • Zuri
  • Brady
  • Cole
  • Ellis
  • Loren
  • Kelly
  • Adriano
  • Glen
  • Tokyo
  • Shae
  • Teri
  • Zephyr
  • Stone
  • Eddie

Baby Snail Names

There is no specific term of reference used for baby snails. They are simply called baby snails and are characterised by scientific names. Baby snail names are usually cute yet fun and playful. Here are some ideal baby snail names that are also memorable.

Mr Tiny: baby snails are very tiny hence the name.

Buddy: a popular name for pets.

Goo Goo: a pun on the name Boo Boo as snails are slimy. Note that Boo Boo is a term used to show affection.

Kiddo: usually given to kids making it a perfect name for baby snails.

Honey bun: endearment terms are ideal baby snail names.

Below is a list of baby snail names.

  • Tilly (short for Matilda)
  • Peanut
  • Ellie
  • Eva
  • Isla
  • Ivy
  • Khloe
  • Nikki
  • Tessa
  • Talia
  • Bianca
  • Elisa
  • Danna
  • Brylee
  • Alia
  • Briacarolyn
  • Mancane
  • June
  • Addy
  • Nana
  • Femi
  • Aisha

Famous Snail Names

Famous snail names are usually based on popular movie or cartoon characters. Funny snail names are also popular because they are preferred by most pet owners. Famous snail names make for good pet names because they are relatable and not easily. They help pet owners develop a connection with their pet snails.

Hercules: inspired by their hard shell.

Chet/ Smoove Move/ Turbo: character in the movie Turbo. The movie is based on snails therefore provides a lot of famous snail names.

Snelly: after the word shell as snails are quite popular for their shells.

Whiskey/ Foster/ Bourbon/ Tuiquilla: some of the famous snail names are inspired by drinks.

Additional famous snail names are:

  • Joseph
  • Charlie
  • Brian
  • Chloe
  • Riley
  • Lily
  • Ryan
  • Arthur
  • Olivia
  • Snally
  • Billy
  • Luna
  • Willie
  • Bradley
  • Ethan
  • Emma
  • Isabella
  • Mia
  • Savannah
  • Zahara

Snail Pun Names

Pun names are quite a fun and creative way of showing affection to a pet. Snail pun names can be inspired by their traits or name after famous characters. Pet owners can also come up with their own pun names. The following are some of the best snail pun names used across the globe.

Shelly/ Shelby: puns on the word shell.

Shelldon: a pun on the series, Sheldon.

Bulldozer: a pun on their physical characteristics, particularly the shell they carry.

Rambo/ Thor/ Rock/ Batista: the pun is inspired by the hard exterior of their shells.

Snail pun names also include:

  • Donatello
  • Snappy
  • Helmet
  • Goliath
  • Slowpoke
  • Mr Slimy
  • Boogieman
  • Hardtop
  • King Slug
  • Oogway
  • Flash
  • Slimey Pants

Cartoon Snail Names

Cartoon names are some of the commonly used pet names. The same applies to snails. There are several cartoon series or move with snail characters. These make for perfect cartoon snail names. To add on, snails do not necessarily need to be named after snail characters in cartoons; they can be named after any character provided that they have similar traits. Here is a list of popular cartoon snail names.

Magoo: a cartoon character with poor eyesight. The character is an old blind man who is quite slow thus the name can also be given to snails.

Gary: from Spongebob Squarepants.

Turbo: inspired by the lead character in the movie, Turbo.

Crystal Snail: a male Maverick form the Mega Men X franchise.

Skid Mark: named after a character in the movie Turbo.

Other cartoon snail names are:

  • Smoove Move
  • Larry
  • Snailburt
  • Chet
  • Burn
  • Escargoon
  • Whit Shadow
  • Whiplash
  • Slug
  • Mano
  • Visser Three
  • Brian
  • Buster
  • Speedy

What Snails Make The Best Pets?

Snails make good pets. They are quite easy to handle and look after. To add on, they do not need to be walked making them ideal for busy individuals. They are interesting to observe in the terrarium. Note that there are various types of snails mainly grouped as aquatic or terrestrial. In simple terms, they are grouped as water or land snails. The common types of land snails are the roman snail, the garden snail as we all as the Giant African snail. The most preferred type of land snail for pets is the Gant African snail. These grow to reach 20cm in length and can live for several years. Care should be taken when selecting aquarium snails as they have a tendency to multiply unchecked and overrun an aquarium.

Do Snails Have Genders?

Most pet owners like to name their pets based on gender and this can be a difficult task for pet snails. Snail gender is hard to determine; it requires understanding and knowledge on their anatomy to determine gender. Most terrestrial gastropods are hermaphrodites. This means that they have both male and female reproductive organs and therefore can produce both eggs and spermatozoa. An interesting factor is that despite having both male and female features, they usually mate in the traditional way with a partner and lay eggs. Not all snails are hermaphrodites. Snails belonging to the Pomatiidae family are however different from their relatives. They have separated genders, that is to say, they are either male or female according to the reproductive organs they possess.