147 Good Caterpillar Names

Good Caterpillar Names

Owning a caterpillar as a pet means you have to live up to the task of finding a good name for your caterpillar. This will help to create a special bond between you and your caterpillar. In this article I highlight some of the good caterpillar names which you can try out. They are very catchy and easy to remember so you won’t really have a problem trying to pronounce them. However, before choosing a good caterpillar name make sure you identify the gender of your caterpillar so that you can give it a name that goes hand in hand with its gender.

Good Caterpillar Names

When you bring your caterpillar home, it’s obvious that the first name you want to look for is a good name. Here is a list of some of the good caterpillar names which you can try out. The list has names for both male and female caterpillars so make sure you choose a good caterpillar name based on the gender of your caterpillar.

Buddy: this name is commonly used on a lot of pets and it means a close friend so if you regard your caterpillar as your friend then this is a good caterpillar name to give it.

Amore: this is a good caterpillar name which means love in French. So if you love your caterpillar very much then you can consider giving it this name.

Hermie: this is a good caterpillar name and it is derived from the movie Hermie and friends which was created in 2003. In this movie Hermie is portrayed as a caterpillar that is adventurous.

Wormie: this is also a good caterpillar name which is from the movie Hermie and friends. In the movie Wormie was a good friend of Hermie.

  • Dreamy
  • Diana
  • Jack
  • Spud
  • Diva
  • Stallion
  • Mink
  • Anchor
  • Blossom
  • Pandora
  • Cleo
  • Henry
  • Zipper
  • Ruby
  • Pepsi
  • Sage
  • Sol
  • Tiny
  • Lucky
  • Gus
  • Fin
  • Elsa
  • Aspen
  • Pepper
  • Pluto
  • Shadow

Baby Caterpillar Names

The young one of a butterfly is a caterpillar. However, in most instances larva and caterpillar are used interchangeably to mean a baby caterpillar. Below is a list of baby caterpillar names for you to choose from. Make sure you choose a baby name that goes well with the gender of your caterpillar.

Jonette: this is a baby caterpillar name that means happiness and if you caterpillar brings you happiness then you can give it that name.

Fleur: this is a baby caterpillar name which means flower.

Alyana: this is a good caterpillar name which means beauty.

Sparkle: this name means to shine bright and it is a good name for a baby caterpillar.

  • Pearl
  • Flower
  • Angel
  • Pixie
  • Glitter
  • Cuddles
  • Twiggy
  • Dinky
  • Ash
  • Star
  • Oreo
  • Dawn
  • Frankie
  • Todd

Female Caterpillar Names

If you are buying or getting a female caterpillar then here is a list specifically designed for female caterpillars. It contains names that are easy to pronounce and to remember so you won’t really have trouble trying to remember them.

Aeris: this name means an earth full of flower and it is a good female caterpillar name.

Bellora: this is a good caterpillar name for a female caterpillar. It means to be beautiful now, so it’s a perfect name for a female caterpillar which is beautiful.

Caterpie: this is a female caterpillar name that is derived from 2 words which are caterpillar and pie.

  • Abi
  • Alexa
  • Camilla
  • Aria
  • Skyla
  • Paisley
  • Cora
  • Sandra
  • Ivy
  • Susie
  • Beth
  • Hannah
  • Tori
  • Isla
  • Piper
  • Jessie
  • Briana
  • Mary
  • Celeste
  • Sandy
  • Nala
  • Beauty
  • Grace
  • Maddison
  • Roxie

Male Caterpillar Names

Male caterpillar names can be hard to come up with but, luckily I have compiled a list for you. Some of the names in this section are inspired by movies. They will make excellent caterpillar names and if you have 2 or more caterpillars you can opt to choose names that rhyme together.

Hercules: this is a male caterpillar name and it is inspired by the movie Hercules about a strong man. Therefore, if you view your caterpillar as strong you can give it this interesting name.

Mael: this is a French word which means chief prince and it makes a good male caterpillar name.

Yellow: this is a male caterpillar name from the movie Larva. In the movie Yellow is a good friend of the caterpillar Red.

Red: this male caterpillar name is also inspired by the movie Larva. Red was a good friend of Yellow.

  • Joe
  • Joey
  • Mr Fatty
  • Bemjamin
  • Amos
  • Dominic
  • Roland
  • Bruce
  • Oscar
  • Vinny
  • William
  • Freddie
  • Logan
  • Mason
  • Aiden
  • Carter
  • Ian
  • Gary
  • Nate
  • Billy
  • Ferdinard
  • Nico
  • Pat
  • King
  • Liam
  • Andre
  • Mike
  • Kalon
  • Kobie
  • Don
  • Charles

Funny Caterpillar Names

Sometimes you just have to loosen up a bit and give your caterpillar a funny name. If you are for the idea of giving your caterpillar a funny name then we can help you with that. Below is a list of some of the funniest names for your caterpillars. Some are inspired by the characteristics found on the caterpillars.

Fat Bob: this is a funny caterpillar name which you can use. Caterpillars gain weight within a matter of weeks so you can use this name.

Ms. Fatty: you can use this funny caterpillar name for your female caterpillar. It also comes from the idea that caterpillars gain weight within a few weeks.

Mr Easy: this is a funny caterpillar name that is derived from the traits of the caterpillar. It moves slowly and is always at ease hence the name Mr Easy.

Pikachu: this is a funny pet name that is derived from 2 unrelated words. The first word in pikapika which means glitter or sparkle and the other one is chuchu which is a Japanese word that means sound mice. So if you combine these 2 words they actually mean sparkle mouse noise.

  • Chubby
  • Flabby
  • Plump
  • Dumpy

Cool Caterpillar Names

Choosing a cool name for your caterpillar is also one of the greatest things you can do. The name has to have a symbolic meaning behind. The list below contains some cool caterpillar names. Most of these cool names are from movies especially those “cool movies” where the main actors are the heroes.

Hobbs: if you are a fan of Fast and furious then here is a cool name for you caterpillar. Hobbs is one of the main actors who fights supervillains

Shaw: this is a cool caterpillar name and it comes from the movie fast and furious. In this movie Shaw works hand in hand with Hobbs to fight supervillains.

Elvis: this is a cool name for your caterpillar. It is that name of one of the world’s greatest musicians Elvis Presley.

Kendrick: this is also a cool name for your caterpillar which is inspired by the rapper Kendrick Lamar.

  • Duke
  • Ace
  • Denver
  • Queen
  • Iggy
  • Axl

Cute caterpillar names

Caterpillars are very cute and they also deserve cute names. Below is a list of some of the cute caterpillar names that you can choose from. The list contains cute names for both male and female caterpillars so really take your time and choose your favourite name.

Squeaks: this is a cute caterpillar name that comes from the cartoon the fox and the Hound. In this cartoon Squeaks was a caterpillar who was trying to run away from being eaten and in the end he turns into a beautiful butterfly.

Katy: this cute caterpillar name is inspired by the movie Katy Caterpillar. It is about a young female caterpillar that left its house in order to explore the world.

Sperk: this is a cute caterpillar name that is derived from the cartoon Lilo and Stitch. In the cartoon, Sperk is a leader in his group of 3 friends.

Tiny: this is a cute caterpillar name that is inspired by the size of the caterpillar. It is very small as compared to other animals.

  • Pie
  • Cupcake
  • Lily
  • Baby
  • Biscuit
  • Peaches
  • Apple
  • Mia
  • Maya
  • Kate
  • Daya
  • Cookie
  • Terry
  • Princess
  • Prince

Are Caterpillars Poisonous To Eat?

Some caterpillars are poisons whilst others are not. Therefore if you are planning on eating caterpillars you first need to seek for advice or else you will get sick. In some African countries caterpillars are a staple and they are treated as a substitute for meat. Caterpillars are very rich in protein and low in carbohydrates. They also contain a decent amount of iron and calcium which are some of the essential minerals that are needed by the body. When eating caterpillars here is a list of some of the varieties to avoid since they are deemed poisonous; saddleback caterpillars, cinnabar moth caterpillar, buck moth larvae, hag moth caterpillar, hickory tussock caterpillar and the puss caterpillar.

What Do Caterpillars Like?

Caterpillars are not complicated animals when it comes to what exactly they like. In terms of food caterpillars like eating grass and leaves. So these animals are actually very easy to keep as pets since you can give them grass or leaves and they will be happy. Most caterpillars consume oak leaves so try to specifically look for these before feeding them other type of leaves. In terms of habitat caterpillars like living on trees so you should ensure that wherever you are keeping them there is a small tree. This tree will also help them when they are about to change from a caterpillar into a butterfly. That is where they hang themselves.

What Does It Mean When You See A Lot Of Caterpillars?

Caterpillars are believed to be a sign of new birth. This is mainly derived from the fact that caterpillars turn into butterflies when they are full grown. The butterfly is prettier than the caterpillar and the butterfly will actually be starting a new life. A butterfly can fly unlike a caterpillar which confines to almost 1 place. So it is believed that when you see caterpillars it’s a sign of new birth, ideas, inspiration and also good news. So if you believe in signs then this is what seeing caterpillars’ means.


There are actually a lot of good caterpillar names that you can find. This article has divided the names into sections or themes. This will help you to easily find the best name for your caterpillar.

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