187 Funny Horse Names

Funny Horse Names

Horses are domestic animals which are usually used for transport, racing and sometimes for pulling wagons. If your horse amuses you, the best name for it might be a funny horse name; we have suggested the best names for your funny horse.


Funny Horse Names

Apple: You can name your horse after its favourite treat. Horses love apples, therefore, the name Apple will suit it.

Creepy Crawly: People sometimes refer to a horse as a beast. A beast is sometimes thought to be a scary being. Since a horse is not creepy or crawly, this name makes a funny name for your horse.

Jenny: Jenny sounds like an ordinary name fit for a horse but it does make a funny horse name for a female horse, considering that a jenny is a female donkey.

English Cut: Naming your horse English Cut is funny; the name will suit it since it has short hair.

Archaic Beast: This is a good name to give to your horse. The term archaic mean something that is ancient and it clearly describes the horse since it is said to have lived the earth for more than 50 million years.

Nike: A Nike is a brand of shoes: Imagine if your horse’s shoes were branded, that would be funny. Nike makes a funny name for your horse.

Teensy Weensy: Teeny Weensy is a funny and cute name for your horse that belongs to a small breed. The name is funny because no matter how small a horse can be; it can never be teensy weensy.

Below are other funny names to give to your horse.

  • Cat Eyes
  • Chess Piece
  • Coco
  • Caterpillar
  • Miss Miles
  • Sexy
  • Trail
  • Clubber
  • Goblin
  • Hobbs
  • Milkman
  • Doggy
  • Barret
  • Spruce
  • Petso
  • Cowpoke
  • Brainiac
  • Catalan
  • Chinese

Funny Horse Names Puns

You can consider giving our horse a punny name that suits its personality.

Hairold: The name Hairold is a pun for Harold, a male given name which is also the name of an ancient biblical king. This name is created by adding the horse’s small hair to the name Harold.

Go-gaiter: Go-gaiter is a funny name pun for your horse that is a go getter. The name is built upon the word gait which refers to a horse’s four speeds.

King Faeroe: If you are familiar with the bible, then you must know King Pharoah who refused to let the Israelites go. The name King Faeroe is a funny pun inspired by the horse species called the Faeroe.

Clever Horse Names

If your horse is clever, you can give it any of the below names.

Wiseman: Wiseman is a male given name derived by combining two names; wise and man. This name will suit your horse that does not act impulsively.

Prudence: You can name your clever horse Prudence and the name will suit it. The name Prudence refers to one who is able to be cautious.

Knowledge: Knowledge is another good name to give to your clever horse. This name means to be informed and who can be as informed as a clever horse.

Dazzle: To dazzle is to be bright or extra good at what one does. A clever horse deserves to e named Dazzle.

Wisdom: This is a good name to give to your clever horse.

Wily: The term wily refers to a person who is sly and it makes a good name for your clever horse.

Clever: You can name your shrewd horse, clever and the name will stick.

We have compiled a list of some of the other names that are appropriate for a clever horse.

  • Brilliant
  • Nerdy
  • Miss Perky
  • Astonisher
  • Bouncy
  • Sly Lady
  • Bright
  • Thinky
  • Cerise
  • Discerner
  • Geekman
  • Cunner
  • Bright
  • Lady Upbeat
  • Bubble Bubbly
  • Vivy
  • Ani
  • Dinah

Funny Horse Race Names

A race horse can also have a funny name. We have also suggested a number of names which might suit your race horse.

Temple Run: If you want a funny name for your horse race, name it Temple Run and the name will suit it.

Speedometer: Speedometer is a funny name to give to your horse race.

Duel: A duel is a singing competition between two parties; since horses do not sing the name Duel makes a funny name for your horse race.

Courier: A courier is a messenger that travels fast to and fro, therefore this name will suit a horse race.

Fast Hoof: You can name your horse race Fast Hoof a name that alludes to a horse whose hooves run fast enough.

Transporter: Name your horse race Transporter, a name that is inspired by the movie series ‘Transporter.’

Silly Horse Names

A silly horse name can be an irrelevant or meaningless name. we have suggested some of the names that are silly but will still suit your horse.

  • Puddle
  • Gomet
  • Bepop
  • Thingamajig
  • Cam
  • Mesopotamia
  • Sundown
  • Jersey
  • Craze
  • Tie
  • Dressup
  • Bookey
  • Long Ear
  • Kiki
  • Blunky
  • Pockie
  • Colour
  • Shoey
  • Bleeto

Cool Horse Names

The term cool horse is used to refer to a charming horse. We have suggested a number of names perfect for your cool horse.

Harper: The name Harper is perfect for the horse that is the nosiest of them all.

Spavina: Spavina is a cool name for a female horse and this name is derived from the phrase bone spavin; a condition that affects a horse’s joints. If your horse has this condition, this name will suit it.

Equiney: You can name your horse Equiney, short for equestrian; a term which is associated with horse racing and riding. This name is best for a show horse.

Skippy: Skippy is a name to give to your horse that is playful and loves skipping around.

Donatella: Donatella is a unique and cool name to give to your horse. This name means a beautiful gift, therefore, if your horse was gifted to you and if it is lovely, this name is appropriate for it.

Ethlyn: The name Ethlyn is a cool name with a cool meaning. This name means one who is noble and it is apt for your horse if it is gallant.

Polly: You can name your horse Polly, short for Polite. This name is appropriate for your friendly horse.

Below are other cool names which will suit your horse.

  • Janvi
  • Tinkerbell
  • Dawnie
  • Hunter
  • Betsy
  • Coco
  • Blueberry
  • Skylar
  • Brunetti
  • Sunshine
  • Rambo
  • Speedo
  • Pummel
  • Trixter
  • June
  • Fairy
  • Montana
  • Popaye
  • Samson

Good Horse Names

If you still haven’t found a name good enough for your horse, browse through the good horse names below.

Beasty: When the term beast is mentioned, one probably thinks of a huge creature and a horse fits the frame, therefore, the name Beasty is best for your horse.

Riding: Riding is the best name to give to the horse that you like to ride; the name will suit it.

Pearl: You can name your horse pearl, a name which means a treasure. This name is perfect for a white horse.

Happy: Happy is a female given name which will suit your horse if it is of good cheer.

Freya: This is a good name to give to your horse especially a female one, since freya is another word for lady. The name will suit your horse that has etiquette.

Pixie Dust: Pixie Dust is a magic golden sparkly dust that helps Captain Jack and his friends fly in the cartoon ‘Jack and the Neverland Pirates.’ You can name your shiny horse after this dust.

Perm: People are in the habit of perming small hair, so you can name your horse Perm since it also has small hair.

Here are other good names to give to your horse.

  • Mosley
  • Leona
  • Flower
  • Lancelot
  • Miss Goody
  • Fourwey
  • Justin
  • Petty
  • Lokky
  • Waddington
  • Specky
  • White
  • Marlon
  • Yvone
  • Providence
  • Star
  • Cecelia
  • Susan

Cute Horse Names

We have also suggested cute horse names for your lovely companion.

Horsy: Horsy is a sweet and straight forward name for your horse. This name is a cute nickname derived from the term horse.

Glacier: The name Glacier makes a good name for your cute white horse.

Joy: The name Joy is apt for a horse that is your joy; one that makes you very happy.

Nefertiti: This is a cute name to give to your adorable shiny horse, the name Nefertiti means the beautiful one.

Brazilian Tail: Brazilian Tail is a cute name for your horse because horses have a beautiful tail that looks just like Brazilian hair.

Cloddie: The name Cloddie is a cute horse name derived from the word clod which means a chunk. This name is apt for a big, fat horse.

Doodad: The name Doodad is a cute horse name which has no specific meaning.

Below is a list of other cute horse names which you can consider.

  • Nisbert
  • Sylvia
  • Nerdy
  • Micky
  • Tyron
  • Blessings
  • Socks
  • Milly
  • Nathie
  • Leon
  • Stephen
  • Horsewell
  • Hilda
  • Ethel
  • Monica
  • Lonie
  • Mikey
  • Bleep
  • Ayanda

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