150+ Cool and Funny Owl Names

Funny Owl Names

Owl puns make the best funny owl names. We have suggested funny owl names for your owl.


Easier Ways To Name An Owl

Naming an animal is not difficult at all whether it is a pet or an owl that visits your home every now and again. By simply observing the character of an owl you can come up with a number of possible names to give it. There are also so many places you can derive inspiration from. There are so many good owl names you can come up with from books, movies, music and from your favourite celebrities. Before naming your pet also consider the origins of the name you may like before naming your new friend. Picking a name for an animal says a lot about you and your family plus it will determine the kind of relationship everyone will have with that animal. So make sure that the name you choose for your pet is simple, easy to pronounce and remember plus it does not carry any negative connotations. You can also ask for your friends and family’s help so that they can get to know the owl better. Make sure that you set some guidelines for naming the animal. After everybody’s input write all the possible names down and choose the one you like the most. This can be done through a vote or a shuffle

Funny owl names

Spooky Owl: If you have a scary owl, who is dead serious and creepy, the name Spooky Owl will suit him.

Hootie: Owls hoot and naming your pet owl by the sound she makes is cool.

Jimmy Talon: Jimmy Talon is a pun for Jimmy Fallon. A talon is the owl’s sharp hooked claw; hence the name Talon is perfect for your owl.

Blinky: Blinky is a funny name to give to your owl, considering that owls hardly or never blink.

Owlbert Einstein: This is a pun for Albert Einstein, a known genius. The name is perfect for your intelligent owl.

Hoodini: Hoodini is a funny name which suits your owl. The name is made from the owl’s hoot and the name of an old magician, Dini. This makes a good name for your spine-chilling owl.

Dr Whoo: If you like formal titles, then you can name your owl Dr Whoo. The Whoo is of the sound your owl makes, hence the name is perfect for your male owl.

Here is a list of other funny names for your owl.

  • Owlbama
  • Colin P’Owl
  • Owlfred Hitchcock
  • Owlf
  • Agent owl-Anof
  • Robin Hoot
  • Hoo-ney
  • Whoolio
  • Owl Capone
  • Owlivia Wild
  • Duke Owlington
  • Weebles
  • Winky
  • Owlford
  • Owlleta
  • Fat Owlbert
  • Owlfonso
  • Owl Jolson
  • Owlexander
  • DJ Whootay

The Most Dangerous Type Of Owl

When the issue of dangerous predators comes up, you would not thing of owls but surprisingly these birds can be dangerous. Besides, some types of owls are aggressive hunters in their own right, for example, the great horned owl which is named one of the deadliest owls.  These adaptable birds are capable of surviving in a wide range of environments, such as deserts, grasslands, canyons, agricultural sites, outer portions of forests as well as near cliffs. It is also very common to spot great horned owls in the city with a lot of people. Great horned owls can be deadly predators, and their diet consists mostly of meat. These owls like eating smaller mammals, with a lot of dietary staples including skunks, raccoons, mice, porcupines, squirrels, woodchucks, domestic cats, voles as well as young rabbits. Different kinds of owls have been known to attack people when defending their young, their mates, and their territories.  However, great horned owls can attack unsuspecting joggers and hikers. Fortunately, victims often escape without any injuries, and deaths from the owls. Great horned owls (Bubo virginianus) and barred owls (Strix varia) receive a lot of attention from high-profile attacks.

Cute Owl Names

Although the term cute is not usually used on owls, you can select a cute name for your owl from the names suggested below.

Barney: The word barney refers to a bickering of some sort, hence this name is cute for your owl since it is noisy. The name will also suit your barn owl since barn and barney rhyme together.

Hoot Hoot: Hoot Hoot just sounds good, therefore, you can name your owl that.

Twigs: Naming your owl after its twig like feet is cute.

Owlet: By naming your owl, Owlet you will have named her after the female protagonist of the PJ Mask cartoon series. Owlet is a cute owl name, for a small owl, since a young one of an owl is an owlet.

Rust: You can name your owl Rust, which is the oxidation of iron. This name is perfect for your owl as it highlights the sabotaging activities of your owl when he hunts.

Klaive: Klaive is a good name for your owl; this name refers to a cutting weapon with a long edge. If your owl has sharp battle claws, this name will suit him.

Rockwell: If your owl is sooty and strong, the name Rockwell is perfect for him.

We have compiled a list of cuter names for your owl below.

  • Makinzi
  • Helene
  • Ombra
  • Cyra
  • Owlford
  • Elvis
  • Poof
  • Edmon
  • Adiv
  • Fresco
  • Roamie
  • Vincent
  • Leander
  • Anthros
  • Cennet
  • Zelena
  • Celeste
  • Elara


Owls have a hunting territory that is usually away from their daytime roost. Most owls are equipped with special adaptations that make them pretty good predators. They possess a keen eyesight that allows them to locate prey even on dim nights. They also have sensitive, directional hearing that helps them locate any concealed prey. Some owl species can hunt in complete darkness using sound only to guide them.  An owl can fly quietly without being heard because of its special wings.  Its feathers muffle the sound of the air rushing over the surface of the wing. This allows the owl to hunt by stealth, and take their victims by surprise as well as listen for prey movements while still flying. Most owl species hunt from a perch, such as a low branch, stump, or fence. These owls wait for the prey to appear, and swoop down with open wings, whilst their talons are stretched forward. Some owl species soar, and make quartering flights, in order to scan the ground below for a suitable meal. When a target is located, an owl will fly towards it, whilst keeping its head in line with it until the last moment. Owls can alter their hunting techniques depending on the type of prey they target. Insects and small birds may be simply snatched in mid air, or after being flushed from the cover of trees or bushes.
When catching fish an owl may skim over water, snatching fish as it flies or, they can perch at the water’s edge, in order to grab any fish or crayfish that surfaces nearby. Other owl species may wade into the water to chase fish, water snakes, crayfish, or frogs. Once a fish is caught, smaller prey is carried or eaten immediately whilst larger prey is carried off in the talons.

Cool Owl Names

Here are cool owl names that might suit your owl’s personality.

Hootee: You can consider naming your owl Hootee, a name derived from the owl’s hoot.

Wisdom: The owl symbolises wisdom, therefore, the name Wisdom is a cool name for your owl.

Owlnoculars: Owlnoculars is a cool name derived from combining the owl with binoculars. This name is best for your owl, since she has a binocular vision which focuses on her prey and boosts depth perception.

Quicksilver: Quicksilver is a cool name for your gray coloured owl.

Sienna: You can name your owl Sienna; a cool name for your brown coloured owl.

Sturm: Sturm is a cool owl name which will suit your always serious owl. This name is an allusion to ‘stern,’ hence, it is perfect for a strict owl.

Gentian: Gentian is the best name for a polite owl.

Other cool owl names are listed below.

  • Huey
  • Kacooo
  • Slam
  • April
  • Charc’Owl
  • Farley
  • Pudge
  • Owlbin
  • Sparkles
  • Marsh
  • Mowat
  • Mahatma
  • Marsh
  • Owlboy
  • Woodsy Owl
  • Bubo
  • Omega
  • Chirpy
  • Snowflake
  • Hootin
  • Dixie
  • Boo

Where Do Owls Live

Different types of owls live in different places. Some owls live in wooded areas, rainforests, grassy plains as well as deserts. Owls can also live in trees, hollowed-out logs, inside a cactus, in a hole in the ground, sometimes in barns or even in abandoned nests of other birds. One thing owls do not do is make their own nests. Owls are very patient when it comes to stalking their prey from high trees, but they do not live in treetops. These birds can make their homes in lower shelters, including in bushes, shrubs, as well as tree trunks. The burrowing owl lives underground in holes that have been dug by other animals.

Owl Pun Names

Here are owlsome pun names for your owl.

Owl Capone: You can name your owl, Owl Capone, a pun for Al-Capone. With all that seriousness, owls might be plotting, how to take over the world.

Duke Owlington: This is the best name to give to that owl who is a snob.

Olwfred Hitchcock: Owlfred Hitchcock is a good owl pun name which suits a spooky and ever serious owl.

Owlbert Einstein: Owls are said to be naturally intelligent, so this is the best pun name for your owl.

Jimmy Talon: If you add the owl’s talon to Jimmy Fallon you get a good owl pun name, Jimmy Fallon.

Agent Owl-Anof: This pun is perfect for an owl who is into tricks.

Charc’Owl: You can name your owl Charc’Owl; the name will suit her, especially if she is black in colour.

You can also consider a nice pun for your owl from the below names.

  • P’Owl
  • Owlvira
  • Owlton
  • Owlbin
  • Chipp Owl
  • Owlf
  • Owlinor
  • Johnnie Owl
  • Olive Owl
  • Rowlph
  • Owlton
  • Owlivia Wild
  • Owla Fitzgerald
  • Owlleta
  • Owlfonso
  • Owl Jolson
  • Owlexander

Amazing Facts About Owls

Many types of owls have asymmetrical ears. When placed at different heights on the owl’s head, their ears are able to point in the location of sounds in various dimensions.  When it comes to the eyes of an owl are not really eyeballs. The eyes are tube-shaped eyes that are completely immobile, providing binocular vision and fully focusing on their prey plus boosting depth perception. Another interesting fact about owls is that they can rotate their necks 270 degrees and when the neck movement cuts off circulation a blood-pooling system collects the blood to power the owls brains and eyes. Surprisingly, owls hunt other owls especially the great horned owls. These are the top predator of the smaller barred owls. As if that is not enough barn owls swallow their prey whole, skin, bones, and everything plus they eat up to 1,000 mice per year. Another type of owl called the northern saw-whet owl can travel very long distances over large bodies of water. Lastly, not every owl hoots, barn owls make hissing sounds, and eastern screech-owl whinnies like a horse.

White Owl Names

If your owl is white, here are nice names you can choose from.

Marbella: Marbella is a perfect name for your owl; this name is derived from the word marble which refers to ‘a rock of crystalline limestone.’

Alabaster: You can consider giving this elegant name to your owl, Alabaster. This name means ‘a fine grained white gypsum,’ and it complements your owl’s white colour.

Icelynn: You can name your owl after ice, it is shinny and transparent. The name Icelynn is a good name for a white owl.

Snowy: You can liken your white owl to snow by naming her Snowy.

Sparkles: Sparkles makes a great name for your white owl with shinny feathers.

Snowflake: Snowflake is white and if your owl is white faced and has white feathers too, Snowflake is the right name for her.

Below are more names which will suit your white owl.

  • Alaska
  • Umbra
  • Lilith
  • Alp
  • Frostine
  • Zephyr
  • Alba
  • Blizzard
  • Ivory
  • Transformer
  • Whitey

Owl Nicknames

We have also suggested a number of monikers for your owl. Read on to get the right nickname for your owl.

Snapper: Snapper is a brilliant name to give to your owl who clicks her tongue or snaps often. This habit is common with Barn owls.

Snipper: You can name your owl Snipper; the name is an excellent moniker as owls have silent flights like the bullets of a snipper. This trait is what enables them to attack without its prey noticing.

Ghost: Naming your owl ghost is ideal since he can disappear from sight in a blink without you even realising were he went because owls are silent fliers.

Screech: The name Screech is a great moniker for an Eastern Screech Owl. Its name is actually misleading since this owl does not screech but it has a tremolo call instead; however, the name still suits it.

Piggy: You can consider naming your owl Piggy, especially if he is not a picky eater, consuming everything, from small to large mammals.

Fluffy: You will want to name your fluffy feathered owl Fluffy. The name is best for a ‘Gray Owl:’ This type of owl is said to be the largest because of its deceptive fluffy feathers.

You can also consider owl monikers listed below.

  • Death
  • Round-face
  • Mystery
  • Tube-eye
  • Monkey-face
  • Gray
  • Sparkle Jewel
  • Sinatra
  • Bert
  • Ozwald
  • Cornowlius
  • Pearlie
  • Sonia
  • Tawny
  • Winky
  • Owly
  • Owlistare
  • Spook

Fantasy Owl Names

Here are fantasy owl names, good enough for your owl.

Dexter: You can name your owl Dexter, after a character who is serious but also playful in ‘Winnie the Pooh.’

Deacon: Deacon is a cute fantasy owl name for the owl you love to dress up. This name is inspired by the owl character in ‘The Rescuers.’

Hootie: The name Hootie is a great fantasy owl name to give to your owl. This name is derived from the word hoot, which refers to the sound made by the owl.

Globe: A globe is a big spherical model of planets. The owl’s names are big and round like a globe, hence, the name Globe makes an excellent fantasy owl name.

Boo: Boo is a short and catchy name to give to your owl.  This name is short for ‘Bujo,’ a Spanish name for owl.

Chirpy: Chirpy is a good name which will suit your owl because, this name complements the sound it makes.

Here are more fantasy owl names.

  • Ibid
  • Cinco
  • Elvis
  • Erwin
  • Cuckoo
  • Earl
  • Zeke
  • Foxy
  • Foxmeadow Screecher
  • Cliff
  • Gizmo
  • Gray indie
  • Mama Owl
  • Odus
  • Mowat
  • Spot
  • Templeton
  • Yertle
  • Zeus

Wise Owl Names

Owls are a symbol of wisdom, therefore any of the names below will suit your owl.

  • Wisdom
  • Smartie
  • Tootsie
  • Enigma
  • Bright

Cartoon Owl Names

Sometimes the best names for your owl are those inspired by cartoon characters. We have suggested cartoon owl names for you to consider.

  • Dexter
  • Ibid
  • Deacon
  • Hedwig
  • Hermes
  • Pigwidgeon
  • Malfoy’s Owl
  • Errol
  • Malfoy’s Owl
  • Percy’s Screech owl
  • Archimedes
  • Brodwin
  • Owl Capone
  • Professor Hootsburgh
  • Mr Know It Owl
  • Doyle Owl
  • Sammy the Owl
  • Oliver
  • Mr Schuhu
  • Glimfeather
  • Soren
  • Robert
  • Big Mama
  • Owlboy
  • Woodsy Owl

Superhero Pet Owl Names

If you love superheroes, you can actually name your owl after one. Here are superhero names which will suit your owl.

  • Wonder Woman
  • Phantom
  • Blue Ear
  • Arianrhod
  • Ascalaphus
  • Kotan kor Kamui
  • Chikap-Kamuy
  • Blodeuwedd
  • Lechuza
  • The Owl of Lakshmi
  • Batman
  • Daredevivil
  • Spidey
  • Nightwing
  • Vision
  • Supergirl
  • Noctua
  • Owl of Athena

Known Owl Species

Owls are furtive fliers; they do not make the flapping sound with their wings. Their eyes are huge and they are round faced; we have listed owl species below.

  • Long Eared Owl: It takes up residence in abandoned nests of similar sized birds.
  • Barn Owl: This is the most widespread owl species.
  • Spectacled Owl: These prefer living in dense, old growth rainforests and they prey on small mammals.
  • Oriental Bay Owl: It is unusual looking and can be found throughout Southern Asia
  • Eastern Screech Owl: It is a short and stocky species, with a misleading name. It doesn’t really screech, but makes a descending tremolo call.
  • Snowy Owl: It is one of the largest and heaviest owl species.
  • Eurasian Eagle Owl: It is not a picky eater, consuming everything from small mammals to reptiles and larger prey.
  • Tawny Owl: This species is most common in England.
  • Great Gray Owl: It is believed to be the world’s largest owl but not the heaviest. Its size is deceptive as it has a tiny body but plenty of feathers.
  • Great Horned Owl: Every living creature that flies, swims, walks or crawls, except for large mammals, is a prey of the horned owl.
  • Northern Pygmy Owl: This type of species is tiny and it is diurnal, active at dawn and dusk.
  • Burrowing Owl: Burrowing owls live in old ground squirrel or prairie burrows. When hunting, this type of owl can either fly or sprint with its long legs to capture prey
  • Northern Saw Whet Owl: This one is doll-like and its call is reminiscent of a saw being sharpened on a whetstone.
  • Stripped Owl: Stripped owls are common in Central and Southern America. They have a huge range and can be found from marshland to savannas to woodlands.
  • Tawny Fish Owl: This species is a fan of fish and other aquatic creatures as well as Mandarin duck.
  • Western Screech Owl: This species is normally found in open woods, at the edges of forests, nesting in cavities abandoned by woodpeckers.
  • Spotted Wood Owl: This is a sad-faced bird usually found near water. It has a stripped colouration which helps hide it in twiggy and shadowed canopies.
  • Collared Scops Owl: This species has a scary looking face, which scares little birds; it mostly eats insects.