153 Cute and Famous Hamster Names

Hamster Names

Hamsters are tiny creatures with stubby legs, small ears and short tails. They are classified under the class of rodents and they can be found in a variety of colors. If you are looking for a name to give to your hamster, browse on for cute hamster names.


Cute Hamster Names

Cheeks: The name Cheeks is apt for your hamster, especially a female one, since it has pouches in its cheeks, were it places its young ones as well as its food when carrying it to its colony.

Hugo: Hugo is a cute name for your hamster. This name means one who is bright minded, therefore, the name is appropriate for a clever hamster.

Darkie: The name Darkie is appropriate for your hamster; this name alludes to it being nocturnal.

Killer: If your hamster belongs to the species of loners, the name Killer will suit it, since it becomes violent towards other hamsters.

Dusk: This name is perfect for your grey colored hamster; the name complements its color.

Calm: You can name your hamster Calm and the name will fit because hamsters are naturally gentle, except when provoked.

Below are other names which will suit your cute hamster.

  • Rusty
  • Lucy
  • Itsy
  • Mitch
  • Lucinda
  • Marvelous
  • Zach
  • Lilly
  • Gloria
  • Pat
  • Mia
  • Shawn
  • Bleep
  • Shiva
  • Drake
  • Phineas
  • Jet
  • Shrek

Cute Girl Hamster Names

A female hamster gives birth to a litter and among it if there is a girl hamster it is called a girl pup that is if it is below four weeks. Once it reaches maturity it is called a sow.

Cutey: The name Cutey is built from the word cute which means one who id adorable. This name is apt for your pretty girl hamster.

Jacey: You can name your hamster Jacey, a name which means attractive; the name is apt for a sweet looking hamster.

Lucy: Lucy is a cute name for your hamster especially one that is red in color.

Rainbow: A rainbow is beautiful and you can name your hamster after it. This name also suits your hamster with spectacular colors.

Adia: Adia is a cute name for your girl hamster. This name means a gift and so it makes the best name for your hamster which was given to you as a gift.

Katty: This name is apt for your female hamster especially one that is white in color since the name Katrina means pure.

Cecelia: The name Cecelia is a cute name choice for your hamster; this name suits it because hamsters do not have good sight.

We have listed other cute names for your girl hamster below.

  • Casey
  • Becky
  • Cosy
  • Heather s
  • Michy
  • Leora
  • Sarah
  • Kim
  • Cathy
  • Eliza
  • Prudence
  • Hilda
  • Princess
  • Aida
  • Valerie

Cute Boy Hamster Names

A male hamster is called a boar and if you want a name that will suit your male hamster, consider the names below.

Alpha: An Alpha is a dominant and you can give this name to your hamster which is territorial.

Copper Belt: The name Copper Belt is a cute name for your hamster which is brown in color.

Mayhem: You can consider naming your male hamster Mayhem if it is always creating havoc.

Ozzie: Ozzie is a cute name for your boy hamster; it is a variant of the name Osbourne, a male given name.

Mr Furry: A hamster has a furry coat, therefore, the name Mr Furry, this name suits your pet with fur.

Twiggy: The name Twiggy is a cute name for your pet hamster with thin legs.

Andi: The name Andi is cute, short and easy to pronounce; it is apt for your boy hamster. Andi means warrior and it is a good name for your brave hamster.

Below are more names which are appropriate for your cute boy hamster.

  • Raphael
  • Twist
  • Rafiki
  • Prince
  • Jimmy
  • Lucky
  • Footy
  • Bravery
  • Jesse
  • Anthony
  • Oasis
  • Nash
  • Maestro
  • Zorro
  • Wombat
  • Marcus
  • Austin

Funny Hamster Names

If you want an amusing name for your pet hamster, we have suggested a few funny names which you might like.

Tao: Tao is a funny name for your hamster. This is a Chinese name and it means long life; a hamster’s life span is three years at most, hence, Tao becomes a funny name for your rodent.

Kalahari: Hamsters love to live in warm, dry, areas such as the edges of deserts; therefore, you can name your hamster after a popular desert and the name will stick.

Edolie: The name Edolie is perfect for your hamster; this name means good humor and it suits the hamster which humors you.

Toro: A sarcastic name also makes the best funny name for your pet. You can name your dwarf hamster, Toro, an ironic funny name, since the word toro is a diminutive of the term tall.

Well Done: If your hamster is good at a certain trick, you can name it Well Done, a cute but funny name.

Cute Baby Hamster Names

Baby hamsters are born in a liter and a single baby hamster is called a pup if you have adopted an adorable baby hamster, here are some cute names you can select from.

Bald: Bald is a cute name for your baby hamster since it is born hairless.

Isaac: You can consider naming your hamster Isaac, a name meaning laughter. This name is perfect for the hamster that makes you happy.

Casey: The name Casey is perfect for your cute baby hamster. Casey is short for Cassandra.

Paley: Baby hamsters below two weeks have a pale skin, so the name Paley is apt for your little pet hamster.

Nezumi: You can give a Japanese name to your hamster. The name Nezumi translates to rat, a good name to give to a rodent pet.

 Honey: People call their loved ones Honey; it is a word used to endear a lovely person and it makes a good name for your baby hamster.

Kian: Kian is a cute name for your baby hamster. This name means King and it is apt for your pet since hamsters are authoritative and territorial.

Here are other cute names for your baby hamster below.

  • Mel
  • Sony
  • Ron
  • Blanco
  • Ultra
  • Cindy
  • Puppet
  • Apricot
  • Prickle
  • Tinky
  • Mega
  • Trevor
  • Cupcake
  • Welly
  • Diva
  • Joe
  • Sandy
  • Potter
  • Miller
  • Mickey

Hamster Pun Names

You can come up with your own punny names which are hamster related too.

  • Ham-burger
  • Hamsterlton
  • Torpor Songs
  • Russian Dwarfage
  • Maze Burrower

Top Hamster Names

If you have just had a pet hamster, you [probably want the best name for it; here are some of the best names which will suit your pet.

Teddy: Teddy is one of the top hamster names which you can give to your et. This name suits a Syrian hamster, as it is the one usually called by the moniker teddy bear hamster.

Action: Action is the perfect name for your over active pet hamster; one that is always running around.

Slumber: Hamsters love their sleep and they do not want to be disturbed; they become violent and bite when woken up, therefore, the name Slumber is apt for your pet.

Comrade: You can name your hamster Comrade, a name which alludes your pet hamster’s social nature. This name is a top hamster name.

Lone: Some species of hamsters are loners, which are territorial and get aggressive when forced to share their space with other hamsters. The name Lone is appropriate for such a hamster.

Collector: A hamster hoards food into its cheek pouches and carries it to its colony. This makes it a collector; hence this name will suit it.

Here are other top hamster names which might inspire you.

  • Collen
  • Da Vinci
  • Hopper
  • Tesla
  • Gem
  • Remy
  • Questa
  • Particular
  • Eve
  • Pepper
  • Betty
  • Ivy
  • Gin
  • Rocky
  • Sawyer
  • Wayne

Famous Hamster Names

If you want a famous name for your hamster, read on to get the most celebrated and commonly used hamster names.

Mickey: Hamsters are rodents and so are mice; you can name your hamster after the famous Disney character Mickey Mouse.

Goldie: The name Goldie is one of the most used hamster name derived from the name of a species of hamsters called golden hamsters.

 Marie: You can name your hamster Marie, a name inspired by the sassy cat from ‘AristoCats.’

Speedy: Speedy is a common hamster name which will suit your fast pet.

Vanilla: Vanilla is a great name for a white hamster.

A Hamster’s Social Life

Most species of hamsters are solitary; they are very territorial and they should not be put in a cage near other hamsters as they do not like that kind of setup. If you make the mistake of making them live together they will fight and bite each other. They can even get to the extent of killing each other. Dwarf hamsters on the other hand are social animals.

What Is the Meaning of Hamster?

The word hamster is built from the German word hamstern which means hoard; a perfect way of describing how the hamster eats. They stuff food into the pouches in their cheeks, carry the hoard back to their colony so that they can eat it later.

Do Hamsters Bite?

Hamsters are very gentle animals; they do bite, but only when startled or scared. They are said to love their sleep so much that when awakened during their sleeping time they bite. They are nocturnal creatures; thus they sleep during the day.