151 Good Skunk Names

Skunk Names

Coming up with a good name for a pet can be quite difficult. There are a lot of different names used by people across the world that do not quite seem to match the physical or personality traits of the animal. Good skunk names are those that are memorable and relevant to their features. They allow people to easily relate and develop a sense of connection with pet skunks. Good names for skunks can be inspired by characters in movies or cartoons. They can also be derived from endearment terms which are a great way to show affection to pets. Skunks can also be given nicknames and funny names. These are not easily forgotten hence make for good skunk names.


Good Skunk Names

Some people keep skunks for pets; like all other pet species, it is important that they are given good names. As already emphasized, good skunk names must be memorable and relatable. Good skunk names can also be ordinary names that are normally given to humans. Whatever the type of name chosen it should be relevant to the pet. Note that although skunks have the same generic features and temperament, their individual personality traits often differ and so provide the best inspiration for good skunk names. Ideal names of skunks include:

Sleepy Joe: named after Joe Biden’s nickname. Also, skunks sleep a lot during the winter season making this name relatable.

Stinkerbelle: as a defence mechanism, skunks spray releasing a very strong, bad smell.

Leilani: the name is of Hawaiian origin. It means heavenly flower or daughter of royalty.

Fifi La Fume: taken from the animated series Tiny Toon Adventures.

Here are some other good skunk names that pet owners can use:

  • Cece
  • Logan
  • Waffle
  • Aiden
  • Nolan
  • Bruno
  • Jimmy
  • Owen
  • Caleb
  • Amir
  • Lincoln
  • Malachi
  • Kyrie
  • Derek
  • Raul
  • Marcelo
  • Cayson
  • Onyx
  • Carter
  • Ulise
  • Tru
  • Kenny
  • Zamar
  • Willy
  • Mandy

Baby Skunk Names

A baby skunk is called a kit. Baby names are often derived from terms of endearment. This is usually because such terms are the best way of showing affection to them. Similarly, baby skunk names can be given such names, especially since their personality traits are not yet clear. They can however be also named according to their physical characteristics. Also, some characters from cartoons make for the best baby skunk names. To add on, names that are generally ideal for other baby pets are also good for skunks.

Penny: a common name for baby pets and even humans.

Apricot/ Biscuit: common endearment terms that are suitable names for baby skunks.

Boo Boo: a term used to describe something cute and adorable.

Coco: a common name for pets.

Other well-known baby skunk names include:

  • Ingrid
  • Zaza
  • Vivian
  • Angel
  • Teeny
  • Abina
  • Chanel
  • Mia
  • Octavia
  • Akila
  • Nur
  • Zane
  • Gia
  • Charis
  • Sadira
  • Nestor
  • Erin
  • Halima
  • Joia
  • Kamelo
  • Bumba
  • Ekon
  • Afua
  • Disney
  • Evelyn
  • Ethen

Skunk Nicknames

Nicknames are good names for skunks. Most people prefer humorous pet names which help to develop a deeper connection with the animal. Skunk nicknames can be created from the puns of famous people’s names. They can also be derived from the characteristics of skunks. The upside of using nicknames is that pet owners can come up with their own names that they deem suitable for the individual pet rather than using a random name. By doing so, it is easy for them to relate to the name.

Pumpkin/ Cutie pie: endearment terms make for cute pet nicknames.

Nasty: named after the nasty smell of their fart.

Smelly/ Stinky: skunks fart as a defence mechanism from danger hence these names.

Stink Shady: a pun on the name Slim Shady, an American rapper.

Below are some additional skunk nicknames that can be given to pets.

  • Abby
  • May
  • Beau
  • Lovey
  • Bean
  • Cisco
  • Rita
  • Herc
  • Kiko
  • Lady/ Sir
  • Munchkin
  • Gabby
  • Jack
  • Stinkles
  • Zuzu
  • Maya
  • Poopy
  • Stella
  • Tabby
  • Skunky

Female Skunk Names

A female skunk is referred to as a doe. it is a common practice globally to give male and female species different names. This is because females are considered as feminine and males as masculine. As such, these differences are portrayed in names that are used for both genders. Therefore, female skunk names can be derived from nature or any name suitable for female pets or even humans. Female skunk names can also be chosen according to their relevance to the individual pet and the meaning of the names.

Belle/ Bella: meaning beautiful.

Lily: a feminine given name that is directly derived from lily, the flower

Femi: meaning love me.

Sasha: in Greek, the name means defender of mankind.

Megan: the name is of Welsh origin n it means pearl.

The most commonly used female skunk names are:

  • Kim
  • Emma
  • Zahara
  • Zara
  • Lexie
  • Alisha
  • Missy
  • Molly
  • Tiffany
  • Tellulah
  • Medusa
  • Piper
  • Sammy
  • Prue
  • Harriet
  • Rosa
  • Indigo
  • Violet
  • Frida
  • Briella
  • Arya
  • Salim
  • Elham
  • Aadhira
  • Aisha

Male Skunk Names

A male skunk is called a buck. Male skunks are normally given names that are suitable for other male pets. They can also be given funny names or nicknames. Moreover, puns on names of famous people make for perfect male skunk names. They can also be given names of famous cartoon and movie characters. Naming a male skunk is usually not a difficult task as there is a large pool of names to choose from. None the less, it is still essential to make sure that the name best suits the individual pet. This is most important when there are multiple pets.

Amani: meaning peace.

Sir Stinker: a funny yet distinguished name for a beloved pet skunk.

Tequila/ Martini: named after famous cocktails.

Gus: the name sounds like gas which is perfect for skunks because they tend to fart as a defence mechanism.

Ringo: popular names for male pets.

Male skunk names also include:

  • Franklin
  • Isaah
  • Madiba
  • Thembi
  • Bruce
  • Nerd
  • Leo
  • Ezra
  • Easton
  • Alex
  • Eli
  • Xavier
  • Rowan
  • King
  • Caleb
  • Alan
  • Jo
  • Jax
  • David
  • Reid
  • Uriel
  • Muhammad
  • Kyden
  • Erick
  • Niko

Pet Skunk Names

Pet skunk names range from nicknames to funny names and cute names. They also include male, female and baby skunk names. In simple terms, pet skunk names are inclusive of all possible names for pet skunks. The best names for pet skunks are easy to relate to and to remember. There is a long list of names that can be given to pet skunks. The following are common pet skunk names and the rationale behind the choice of each name:

Pepper Clark: a character from Littlest Pet Shop.

Pepe Le Pew: from a 1945 cartoon series called Looney Tunes.

Stinko: from He-Man.

Bingo: a popular dog name that can also be used for pet skunks.

Cappuccino/ Cocktail: pets can be named after the pet owner’s favourite beverage.

Additional good names for pet skunks are:

  • Kylie
  • Bruno
  • Daisy
  • Sheriff
  • Lola
  • Billie Jean
  • Dot
  • Zakhe
  • Isaboo
  • Mimie
  • Alba
  • Button
  • Blake
  • Brutus
  • Rufus
  • Pluto
  • Astro
  • Laika
  • Cujo

Cute Skunk Names

Some pet owners favour cute names overall types of pet names. This is most likely because they are an ideal of showing affection to the animal. Cute names for human and other animal species are also ideal for pet skunks. Cute names for pet skunks can also be created by highlighting their best physical ad personality traits. As previously noted, endearment terms make for good skunks names and are also cute.

Peanut: commonly used for baby skunks as they are quite small.

Tilly/Matilda: meaning might or strength.

Flower: the name is inspired by nature and the classic Disney film Bambi.

Lily/ Rose: flowers are cute names for pets.

Sunny: simple names that are inspired by nature can be good names for pet skunks.

The following is a list of cute skunk names ideal for pets.

  • Jellybean
  • Cutie
  • Honey-bun
  • Luna
  • Minnie
  • Cocoa
  • Emma
  • Leigh
  • Eliza
  • Anne
  • Princess/ Prince
  • Nova
  • Zara
  • Adele
  • Billy
  • Addison
  • Rae
  • Yara
  • Dora
  • Sarah

Funny Skunk Names

Puns on famous people make for funny skunk names. Also, funny skunk names can be developed around the physical and personality traits on the animals. Funny cartoon and movie characters also make for funny skunks names. Such names are best for pet owners with a great sense of humour. They can also be a way to connect with the pet instead of giving it a random name without any significant meaning to the owner.

Skunk Fu: named after an animation series. It is basically a pun on the term Kung Fu.

Poo poo: derived from the smell released by skunks as a defence mechanism.

Fa Breeze: a pun on the term La Breeze.

Stink Ray: a pun on the name Sting Ray.

The most widely used funny names for pet skunks are:

  • Mr Lazy
  • Stinck-a-Boo
  • Blast
  • Sleepyhead
  • Ripper
  • Volcano
  • Gas Master
  • Grenade
  • Stinky
  • Smelly
  • Teargas
  • Poof

What Are Some Good Pet Names?

Just as they are good skunk names, all pets have names that are considered as ideal. Note that good pet names are relevant and suitable for the specific animal species. However some pet names are universal and so are ideal for all pets in generals. Good pet names include:

Tequila: some pet owners name their pets after beverages.

Pumpkin: terms of endearment are among the most popular pet names.

Snow/ Snow white: a name given to white pets.

Cutie: from the word cute.

Buddy/ Chase: poplar names for pet dog but can be used for all pets.

The following are additional good pet names used by pet owners around the world.

  • Toby
  • Rex
  • Coco
  • Boo boo
  • Poppy
  • Poodle
  • Lucy
  • Nala
  • Lexi
  • Arnie
  • Butch
  • Dash
  • Biscuit
  • Henna
  • Missy
  • Moly
  • Smallie
  • Kira
  • Kuro

What Is The Life Span of a Skunk?

When deciding to get a pet, its lifespan is usually among the deciding factors. People prefer pets with a longer lifespan that they can grow their families with. Skunks make good pets s they have a longer lifespan. The average life of a skunk is approximately 7 years. Take note that this is when they live in the wild. Naturally, domesticated animals tend to live longer as they are protected from threats found in the wild. They are also provided with good diets which allow them to live longer. The same applies to domesticated skunks. They have a higher life span of approximately 10 years.