Top 10 Exotic Pets

Exotic Pets

There are a number of animals that are being domesticated and kept as pets successfully. Below is a top 10 list of some of the most common exotic pests.


The Scorpion

Our number one on the top 10 exotic animals is the scorpion. These pets may not be cuddly but they are quite interesting as pets. Apart from being low maintenance and clean they are quiet unlike dogs, cats or other loud animals. The most common types of scorpions that are kept as pets are also not that dangerous. If you are the unconventional type of person who intends to keep an exotic animal there are a lot of species of scorpions to consider such as the emperor scorpion, the Malaysian black scorpion, and the Asian forest scorpion to name a few. A scorpion is easy to take care of in a recreated habitat plus taking care of one is not that expensive.

The Bearded Dragon

Number two on our list of exotic pets is the bearded dragon. Also known as the pogona, the bearded dragon is known for its calm, friendly, and easy going nature. It is also a perfect pet for kids. Taking care of this exotic pet is easy. You just need to feed it regularly. These reptiles are passive and they get calmer with age. The bearded dragon, unlike other reptiles, enjoys interacting with people. This animal can be taken out of its terrarium and be left to wonder under supervision. Despite the fact that you cannot cuddle with it the reptile is fairly easy to take care of for people of all ages.

The Sugar Glider

The sugar glider is another exotic pet that is also fairly small. It can be a handful but if you get the hang of it, you can easily take care of it. These pets are native to Australia and some parts of Indonesia. If you are not a patient person this exotic pet is not for you. Also sugar gliders are social creature that get depressed if left alone so you shouldn’t leave them alone for a long time. They are playful curious animals that enjoy hanging out with other cage mates and human caregivers. If not handled by their caregivers daily, they become nippy so they require a lot of attention. However, that can be a challenge because these animals are nocturnal.

The Tarantula

Also on our list of exotic animals kept as pets are tarantulas. It is the perfect pet if you are not scared of spiders. These creatures are soft and fuzzy. There are a lot of species you can consider if you intend on making a tarantula a pet. Some of them include the Mexican red knee, the costa rican zebra and the Mexican redleg. The tarantula may be a spider but its bite is not fatal.  It is relatively easy to cater for and maintain and it doesn’t eat much. You can also play with the spider but keep in mind that it is a pretty big spider.

The Squirrel Monkey

The fifth animal on our list is the squirrel monkey. There are several reasons why people prefer monkeys as pets. The  squirrel monkey is one attractive, gentle and affectionate animal. These animals are also easy to look after because they are clean. The squirrel monkey is an agile jumper and runner. They prefer living in trees and will come down here and there. On the downside, squirrel monkeys fight for alpha status and are more interested in making you the pet. They might shout at you, hit you, and even steal your food and it can be difficult to house train them.

The Hedgehog

Surprisingly, people keep hedgehogs as pets. This animal is adorable and fairly easy to take care of. It is however, a nocturnal creature that will be up all night spinning its wheel when you try to sleep. Also, these animals are not your cuddle criteria since they are covered in spikes. You can keep in a cage and feed it a low fat diet. Keeping a hedgehog as a pet requires someone who is patient. Keep in mind that hedgehogs are solitary animals that do not like human interaction. If you are also that kind of person then keeping a hedgehog might be ideal.

The Burmese Python

It is no surprise that the python is on our list of exotic animals. There are a number of species that can be kept as pets such as the king snake, rat snakes and corn snakes to name a few. These animals can reach up to 32 feet and are very powerful. These animals kill by suffocation and they swallow their food whole. They rarely attack humans and if you intend on keeping one as a pet make sure that is the only pet you have otherwise other pets might get eaten. It is important to be careful even though they rarely attack people, there is always a possibility that a python will kill you first and then eat you.

The Fennec Fox

The exotic animal on number 7 is the fennec fox. It is an adorable animal that is hardly kept as a pet. This animal, however does not like being cuddled or bonding with humans. This type of animal is in the same family as dogs, however they behave more like cats. The fennec fox can be maintained fairly easy, but it does not like being around people. They can get a little jumpy and they startle easy because they are usually the prey when in the wild.

The Kinkajou

The kinkajou looks like a monkey or a weasel but it is a raccoon. This is another exotic animal that is not  normally kept by people as a pet. The kinkajou doesn’t like the day light very much, noise, or any sudden movements so it can be a drama queen. This animal does not like people very much and it can get a bit violent. Also, known as honey beavers the Kinkajou can be friendly and playful.

The Slow Loris

The last animal on our list of top 10 of the most exotic animals is the Slow Loris. This animal is a cute and cuddly animal that is not difficult to take care of. It may be charming, but it secretes a venom from its armpits which the animal licks when grooming. The slow loris can get a bit aggressive and bite you but it can make a great pet.