The Smartest Animals In The World

Smartest Animals

It has been a dream to many to be able to communicate with all earth’s creatures. Overtime people have been able to  form some pretty impressive relationships with dolphins, dogs, parrots and apes among other animals. Any animal that is able to understand us and impresses us by carrying out tasks never ceases to amaze us. Being humans, we are always convinced that we are the smartest of all the animals on this planet. Below are some of the smartest animals around the world, and a brief explanation why those animals are considered deeply intellectual and why some may be considered more intelligent than human beings.



The first animal on our list of some of the most intelligent animals in the world are chimpanzees. Chimpanzees are some of the most-intelligent animals in the world. They can manipulate the environment and their surroundings to help themselves as well as their community. They can work out how to use things as tools to get things done much faster, and in some cases they have outsmarted people many times.


Another intelligent smart animal on our list is a pig. In depth research has shown us that a typical middle-aged pig has the intelligence of a three-year-old human being. If you have sever observed how fast toddlers get to grips with complicated gadgets, phones and tablets, that is pretty impressive. Researchers have also found that domestic pigs can make use of mirrors to find their food and may even try to deceive other pigs so that they can hog more food. Pigs are capable of learning quickly and can do tricks such as jumping through hoops to playing video games with joysticks.


It is not surprise that dolphins are on our list of some of the most intelligent animals. Their body mass to brain ratio is one of the largest. Dolphins are self-aware and they can recognise themselves in mirrors, keep their appearance neat and tidy, and are famed for their advanced communication skills. They have large brains that are structured for awareness and emotion, plus their brains are even more structurally complex than those of human beings. According to a lot of researchers dolphins have larger brains than any other animal relative to the size of their bodies and only humans have brains that are much bigger.


Parrots are another type of smart animal in the world. Parrots do not just copy what we humans say they have shown from time to time that they can solve complex problems, especially if there is some food as a reward. Also,  there are no other creatures that can repeat human phrases, either so parrots are quite smart.


Whales are large creatures that cannot speak like use but can use complicated methods to communicate with each other. Their sounds are very complex, and the way they use their language to co-ordinate their moves as a team is quite impressive. Unlike a lot of human beings, whales realise that if they cannot  think their way out of a situation, they can simply rely on their size and bash the problem out of the way.


It is also not a surprise that man’s best friend is also on the list of the smartest animals in the world. Some researchers have even shown that dogs have specific music tastes, and that makes them special animals. Apparently, canines prefer a bit of reggae and soft rock, but do not like heavy metal, punk and disco.


Octopus are also considered some of the most intelligent animals on earth. With their arms, they are capable of multi-tasking like no other but they can rely on several highly-developed strategies to find food. The octopus has also shown that is has a talent for solving problems during scientific tests too.


Elephant are regarded some of the most intelligent animals due to their memories. They are also able to sense if you are a nice, friendly person or someone who can be nasty. They have large brains, and they can show empathy, unlike many creatures in the animal world that are hard-wired as predators.


Squirrels are also intelligent animals that have a pretty good memory like elephants. They are able to figure out how to get food as well as to remember the multiple places they secretly store their food for later.


Cats have an incredible sensory ability, and many people do not appreciate their brain skills because they are not as trainable as dogs. Also cats are very adept at learning new skills and they have worked out how to have us run around after them while they snooze all day.


Surprisingly, rats can be regarded as pretty smart animals. Rodents also have a long-term memory and are capable of adapting to new surroundings quickly. Even though they may not be everyone’s favourite furry animal they are pretty smart.


Falcons are commonly used to pass messages and to do a bit of reconnaissance.  These birds follow commands and recall territories which also makes them some of the smartest animals in the world.

Rhesus Monkeys

Rhesus monkeys are known to plan group attacks. Also rhesus monkeys have been recorded to show suicidal tendencies, hinting that they are very sensitive and smart creatures.


Horses are another type of smart animal that is sensitive and empathetic. They can be incredibly clever and empathetic plus they are capable of following quite complicated orders even under stress.


Racoons are also smart animals that are able to form sophisticated social hierarchies and relationships and sometimes far more complex and much more useful than the human behaviour. As such, they are regarded as very smart animals.