Wild Animals Which Can Be Pets


Cats and dogs can be difficult to take care . They can come with house restrictions,  may require a lot of commitment, and may have a destructive personality. Also, there are some people who can be allergic to them. As such, many people cannot own little, or big, pets at home. However, there are exotic and wild animals which are children of nature, meaning that a special care is often needed if they are domesticated, which may not the first recommendation. The sale and possession of such animals can be s regulated in different countries and states because the local laws can vary based on each place and generally by community and as well as the type of species. Below is a list of the type of wild animals you can keep as pets.



The first on our list of wild animals you can keep as pets are wallabies. Wallabies  are cute, tame and easy to handle kangaroo looking like wild animals. These animals are also very sociable. They do not require much, except a spacious and secure area where they are able to run, play as well as  hide. In addition, wallabies love to be outdoors during the warmer months. They enjoy eating grass, green fruits and vegetables. Domesticating a wallaby can be very effective and enjoyable.

Prairie dogs

The second wild animal that you can consider keeping at homes as a pet  is a prairie dog. If you do a quick search on the internet you will get result in lots of information showing prairie dogs being domesticated and playing with other animals at homes. Prairies are fun to have around because they are very smart, social, and committed. It is important to note that these dogs also tend to be territorial, so this means that they will do their best in order to protect you from strangers. You can always check with your country in order to be sure if you are allowed to be keep such dogs as pets.  Otherwise, prairie dogs can be domesticated and trained fairly easily.


Also on our list of wild animals you can domesticate at home are foxes. Foxes are an old Russian experiment that showed us how foxes were domesticated into people’s doglike companions. A few foxes mainly the top 5 percent of tame foxes are also allowed to breed. The rest, who are friendly , for example are either sold to fur farms or distributed as pets. Purchasing a  fox to keep as a pet may be a little costly. It is important to note that even though they are domesticated, foxes  are predators by nature. They require a lot of space and cannot be kept in a cage for a very long time. They also love to play  and they are known to crave attention.


The fourth on our list of animals that can be domesticated are genets. Due to our increase in human population growth and expanding communities, some genets in the wild have moved to cultivated land as well as human settlements, based on the African Wildlife Foundation. A number of people get genets as pets because of their pretty patterns as well as their unique behaviours such as mimicking exotic cats and ferrets. If you get a genet, make sure that it has a very large and secure space such as a big ferret cage. It also important not to have other pets in the house and to devote a lot of time for playing and cuddling.


Also on our list of wild animals which can be great cats are minks. Minks have been kept on the farms for almost a century for various purposes including breeding, however, they can also be tamed if they are caught young. Minks can dominate cats and they are able to drive rats away from the rat holes.

Also, minks are a very smart too, but they may take a long time to train. They are another type of wild animal you can domesticate easily.


Mongoose are also another type of wild animal that can be domesticated. This type of wild animal is also cute and adorable. Keep in mind that before you domesticate one, make sure it is legal to do son in your country or state and that you have someone like a vet who is trained with the animal. Mongoose are a bit smaller than domestic cats but they are much larger than a squirrel. The freer the mongoose is, the friendlier it will behave. Confining a mongoose to a small area may result in it not being as sociable or playful but with proper training mongoose can become domestic animals.


Another wild animal that you can easily domesticate is a moose. One of the popular examples of domesticating moose is the Kostroma Moose farm in Russia. At first, after World War Two, they were trained mainly for transportation; later moose were fattened up on a steady diet to nourish the population, other times they were raised for milk and to be sold to zoos as well as safari parks. Nowadays a lot of moose has been tamed. Keeping moose as domestic animals is not that difficult too.

Mini Pigs

Miniature pigs make wonderful pets. They look adorable and it is easy to adopt a mini pig on impulse even though it’s a pig. Recently, they has been a craze about owning mini pigs. There are also famous people who keep mini pigs as pets. However, it is important to understand that by keeping  a mini pig as a pet requires a lot of care, and a great deal of space and grass. Mini pigs are actually smart animals that can easily bond with people.

Sugar gliders

Lastly, sugar gliders other animals you can own as pets. They are sometimes mistaken to be rodents but they are not rodents. Sugar glider are small marsupials in the same general family as a Kangaroo or Koala Bear. They have been kept as domestic animals for over the years in many countries. These animals love fruits and vegetables plus they have a gliding membrane that stretches from their wrist to their ankles. They are also smart, clean odourless and do not need bathing and can make adorable pets.