Type Of Foxes

Types of Foxes

There are a number of fox species that are classified under  the Vulpes genus. These fox species can be found all over the world. They all come in different shapes and sizes. Below are  some of the popular types of fox species.



Red Fox

The red fox is one the fox species that is found all over the world. You can find it in the northern parts of the world and some can be spotted in central Africa, America as well as Asia. There are also subspecies of the red fox that can be found in Japan. Red foxes come in many colours plus their fur changes colour as seasons change. When the red fox sheds their guard hairs in spring the colour of their fur changes in preparation for the warm weather. Their diet includes game mammals, some vegetation, fruits, and insects too.

Arctic Fox

The arctic fox is another fox species that is found in the arctic parts of the world. You can spot this fox in Eurasia, North America, Iceland, as well as Greenland. This type of fox is quite unique, it is monogamous and mates for life. The arctic fox makes its den in the sides of cliffs and it does not hibernate during the winter. This type of fox has thick pads on its feet that make them resistant to frostbite. The arctic fox has two main colour morphs, which are the blue arctic and the white one. However, the white one is the most common type. The arctic fox diet includes lemmings, small animals like rodents. They are flexible animals that can feed on whatever is available to them, including animal carcasses.

Fennec Fox

Another type of common fox is the fennec fox. This type of fox is a desert fox that can be found in African desserts. The fennec fox is the smallest of all of the fox species. It has large ears that allow it to listen for prey as well as predators. The fennec fox builds dens around boulders and dense sand that have up to 10 openings. These dens normally have large family units. These foxes thrive in the desert and can be adopted as pets. They have adapted well to heat in many ways and in order to cool themselves down they pant with thousands of breaths per minute plus their large ears help them cool their body. This type of fox feeds on rodents and vegetation, silkworms, scorpions, and reptiles as well.

Pale Fox

Also on the list of common fox species found all over the world is the pale fox.  This type of fox is another type of desert fox that lives in the northern regions of Africa including Sudan and Somalia. The pale fox can be spotted in the dune and grassland areas of Africa. These animals make deep dens in the earth, picking areas that have some vegetation. They normally live in family units of 3. They can be small to medium in size with a hint of salt and pepper colour. These foxes also sometimes have a black ring around their eyes.

Blanford’s Fox

The Blanford’s fox is another desert fox that can be spotted in Israel and some parts of Afghanistan including the middle eastern countries. These foxes love regions with a lot of rocks and cliffs for their dens. They also prefer higher elevated mountain ranges for their dens.

Cape Fox

In the Saharan regions of Africa you can find foxes such as the cape fox. These fox species are some of the only foxes that can be spotted in that part of Africa. They are gray with salt and pepper tones. This types of fox prefers to make dens in semi-desert areas and they do not like forests.

Corsac Fox

In Asia you can spot different types of foxes including the corsac fox. This type of fox is a desert fox that lives in central Asia and can also be found in some parts of the middle east. The corsac fox prefers to live in semi-desert regions and in areas that have no forests with little to no human activity. This type of fox is nocturnal and only hunts during the night time. Corsac foxes like to take over other animal’s burrows, and turn them into dens.

Tibetan Sand Fox

There are a lot of desert foxes and the tibetan sand fox is also one of them. This fox species can be found in India, China, and Tibet. They also like to live in highly elevated rock areas and steppes and they dig their dens under large boulders or on the sides of cliffs. The Tibetan fox comes in a different colours, such as black, with red tints, and yellow. Like most fox the tibetan are monogamous foxes that pair for life.

Swift Fox

Desert foxes can also be found in Canada and the swift fox  is a good example one. This fox can be found in the plains of western Canada, in North American deserts and in certain parts of Texas. The swift fox can also be spotted in parts of South America. However, the largest population of swift foxes are in Kansas and New Mexico.

Rüppell’s Fox

The Rüppell’s fox is also another desert fox that lives in a lot of regions such as North Africa, Israel, as well as Jordan. These fox species prefer dry areas with a lot of stones and boulders but they can adapt well in other areas. These foxes have a sandy tan colour fur but there are also Gray coloured ones.

Bangel Fox

The Bengal fox can be found in India, Nepal, as well as Pakistan. These fox species live in the grassland areas and regions with thorny scrub and semi-deserts. They can build dens about 3 feet underground with several openings. This type of fox is a medium-sized fox with pale fur. The bangel fox has large bushy tails that take up a large part of their overall length.