How To Name Your Pet

Name Your Pet

Getting a new pet can be very exciting and the name for your pet can tell a bit about you as well as your pet so your decision to name a your pet should be made with great care. Before naming your pet, it is best to observe your dog, cat or whatever pet you have for a few days to learn its character. You may want to give your pet a name that matches its personality. Before you name your pet there are a few things you should consider. Always select a one or two-syllable name because anything longer will be hard for your pet to recognize. You also should not pick a name that sounds like a command. For example, a name such as ‘Kit’ sounds like sit or ‘Jay’ sounds like stay. Keep in mind that you should consider names that you feel comfortable calling out when your pet is outside or at the park.


Inspiration For Finding Pet Names

The inspiration for finding pet names. Some pet owners look at baby names from books and it is something you can also try. As indicated earlier studying your pet’s personality for sometime to see what name fits is always a good idea. It is okay for your pet not to have a name for a few days until you can get the right one. You can also consider movies as well as books for inspiration. That way you can decide what to name your pet. Also consider the popularity of the names you may have in mind before you name your pet. Most pet parents pick a name because it sounds cute and playful but many people have steered away from that because most pet names that are cute and playful are becoming too common. It is best to list names that you have positive associations with for your pet. These names can come from movies, games, literature, or people and even other pets you know.  It is important to consider the origins of your pet as well.

Involve Family And Friends

It is also advisable to include your friends and family when selecting a name for your pet. A lot of the times naming your pet is not a one-person job, so you can include everyone else in the family. This way everyone can get a chance to know the new family member and contribute their input. On the other hand, you should set some ground rules. That way everyone understands what is acceptable and unacceptable. Another way to make the name selection easier and fair for everyone is by making everyone vote for their favourite pet name.

After selecting a name for your pet, test it on the new family member and practice calling your new cat or dog by the names you decide to try out. As you do that, you can get to see if your pet is responds to certain names better than others and it will make it easier to select a name.

Tips For Selecting A Name

When deciding on pet names there are various sources you can look up for inspiration especially if you want your pets to have less traditional names. Consider getting inspiration from pop culture. Movies, music, movie characters offer plenty of options. This also helps especially if you can get a name from your child’s favourite movie or from your favourite musician. You can also consider your favourite characters from television shows as well as books. Other celebrities, athletes, sports teams, and musicians are possible sources for good pet names.

A list Of Acceptable Names

Another tip for selecting a pet name for your new family member is creating a list of acceptable pet names. After brainstorming all the pet names you can choose from alone or with your family creatr s list.

Create Ground Rules

It is important to make the name selection flexible, but you must create some ground rules for choosing a name for your pet especially if you are going to include children. Young children can take flexibility a little too far so ground rules are essential when naming a pet especially when friends and family are involved. However, it is important to involve everyone in selecting a name for your pet and allow everyone to have a say.

Let Your Life Inspire You

Apart from pop culture, books and media, your own personal life can inspire you to name your pet. You can use your daily activities to inspire you to name your pet. This works well especially if you have a favourite hobby such as collecting comic books, playing video games, as well as participating in outdoor activities. Consider your favourite food and colours for some fun pet name ideas. Also, if your child has a favourite subject or sport in school, explore that area for names. You can come up with names from various day to day activities, for example a history lover can name a pet after past presidents.

Choose a famous name

Another tip to make naming your pet easier is naming it after a famous person. For example consider a famous historical person or even an animal for your pet.

Select a character trait

You can also select the name of your pet based on its character trait. This is when observing your pet comes in. Every animal has outstanding character traits. You can make note of your pet’s outstanding characters and name it after them. If your pet is affectionate, you can select a name that suits its personality.

Choose a name that begins with a hard consonant.

When it comes to the type of name you choose consider a name that begins with consonants. Animals such as dogs especially can easily recognise names that begin with consonants. Also, such names are much more easier and quicker to recognise than names that begin with vowels. Your pet will respond much quicker in a noisy or crowded place if its name begins with a hard consonant.