Animals That Live In Coniferous Forests

Coniferous Forests

The forest ecosystems are some of the  largest biomes on earth that are home to a wide variety of animals and plants. The coniferous forest includes a collection of evergreen and cone-bearing trees with a cool climate that has plenty of precipitation, be it  in the form of rain or snow. Trees found in the coniferous forests include hemlocks, pines, cedars, redwoods, fir, spruce, as well as cypress, and they have long lifespans, with some going being there for thousands of years.



There are a lot of owl species that live in coniferous forests and the great grey owl is one of the common species in the world you can spot in that habitat. The grey owl is found in the Northern Hemisphere. It has a large round head, a grey face and feathers, and yellow eyes that are have dark circles. This type of bird is distinct among its cousins.  This grey owl together with the long-eared owl live in coniferous forests. The two are a are a common species in the northern hemisphere. The long-eared owl can be found throughout Europe and North America, plus some migrate to Asia during the cold winter season. The bird’s trademark ears are its tufts of feathers that are above its head, giving the owl a unique look and making  the medium-sized bird appear larger than it actually is.

Grizzly Bear

Another animal that can be spotted in coniferous forests are grizzly bears. These have broad heads, extended jaws, large paws and powerful claws, that enable them to carry large animals like full-grown cattle. The grizzly bears eat insects such as ants or bees, and also like seeds, roots, nuts, berries, as well as salmon. The grizzly bears are famous for their fishing abilities. It has been, estimated that about 100,000 grizzly bears have lived in North America before western settlement, but by the 1990s that number drastically decreased to fewer than 1,000. Most of the bears were staying in preserves such as Yellowstone National Park. These grizzly bears can be found in Canada, in British Columbia, Alberta, the Yukon, and the Northwest Territories too.


Wolves love the forest. They are another type of animal that can be spotted in coniferous forests. You can find several species of wolves in coniferous forests. For examples the Eurasian wolf. This type of wolf  is a carnivorous species that can be  found across Europe and Asia. However its population has decreased at different points in history, and thanks to conservation efforts the animals can thrive and the numbers are believed to be stable. These wolves form large packs but they are solo hunters. The kind of wolf you are likely going to spot in the coniferous forest is the  gray wolf, or timber wolf. This wolf lives can be found in different environments but it is often spotted in coniferous forest regions. The wolf is about three feet tall and can grow to between three and five feet. It has very long hair that helps it repel moisture from the air, whilst keeping it warm and insulated during the cold months.

The Red Fox

The red fox is another animal that can be spotted in coniferous forests. It is a nocturnal animal that hunts at night for rodents, rabbits, birds, and other small game. The fox is not a picky animal and it will adjust its diet to accommodate its given habitat. The red fox also eats fruit, vegetables, fish, frogs, worms and when it resides among humans it may even feed from the garbage or eat pet food. The red fox’s  adaptability and resourcefulness has resulted in its reputation as a cunning and intelligent animal. However, red foxes are considered nuisances that are often shot by farmers especially  because they kill farm animals or carry rabies. These animals are also sometimes hunted for sport, but their population remains  relatively stable.


You are more than likely going to spot a squirrel in the coniferous forest. There are a lot of squirrels that are found in the trees of a coniferous forests. Some of these squirrels include Abert’s squirrels, which live in the Rocky Mountains from Arizona to Mexico. Squirrels are a dirunal animals, meaning that they are active before sunrise and return to the nest at sunset. These animals prefer ponderosa pine trees for nesting, even though they may not be territorial, squirrels remain solitary through the summer months.

Bob Cat

A bob cat is a wildcat, that is named for its short, bobbed tail. It is a medium-sized cat has a coat that ranges in shades of brown or beige, with spots or lines in black or dark brown. These cats live in the forest regions from British Columbia eastward to Nova Scotia in southern Canada, and southwards through most of the United States to central Mexico. These cats have been reported in every US state except Delaware. These cats are often spotted in coniferous forests.

Bald Eagle

The bald eagle is known as a symbol of the Unites States of America. It is one of the few omnivorous birds in the coniferous forest, that lives off of berries, buts, worms, small rodents, and fish. These birds nest in forested areas that are found next to large bodies of water and do not like heavily-developed regions. The bald eagle is capable of living amongst humans and it has adapted to take advantage of some development. You can find it  congregating near fish-processing plants, dumps, and below dams where fish are found in high populations. They prefer to perch in tall mature trees offering a wide view and easy flight access. This bird is a powerful flier, that is capable of soaring over long distances.


A moose is another iconic animal of the northwestern regions of North America. It is also commonly found in coniferous forest areas. They are the largest members of the deer family and one of the largest land mammals that can be as tall as 7.5 feet weighing nearly 1,000 pounds. Most moose are herbivores, that like to eat twigs, bark, roots, and the shoots of woody plants. They also  tend to eat willows and aspens. During the summer season, moose feed on aquatic plants such as water lilies, pondweed, horsetails, and bladdworts.