173 Good Male Horse Names

Male Horse Names

A male horse is called a stallion and if the horse is castrated, it is referred to as a gelding. Horses live in herds which are led by a stallion. When the make foals come of age, they are driven away from the herd by the stallion. We have listed great and cute names inspired by the different personalities and characteristics of your male horse.


Male Horse Names

King: A king is the ruler of the people. This name is perfect for the stallion that is a leader of a herd.

Asian: The name Asian is a good name for your stallion. This name simply means one who is from Asia and though horses are not originally from Asia, they are believed to have first been domesticated in Asia.

Stewy: Stewy is a suitable name for your gelding. Since geldings are castrated horses, they cannot be used for breeding, so they can only be reared for meat.

Super Grazer: Horses must graze throughout the day for them to get enough food; this is why the name Super Grazer will suit it.

Mustang: Mustang is a nice name for your male horse. It is an apt name for your horse if it is a mustang which is also known as the Iberian horse. This breed is a descendant of Spanish horses.

Panzer: Panzer is a unique name best for your horse. Panzer means an armed car, therefore, this makes a good name for your untamed horse.

Dusk: You can name your horse Dusk if he is grey colored; this name will suit it.

Below are more names which are appropriate for your male horse.

  • Rudolf
  • Tobby
  • General
  • Mox
  • Raston
  • Terry
  • Havoc
  • Learnmore
  • Rocky
  • Max
  • Pirate
  • Milly
  • Captain
  • Washington
  • Royal
  • Peace
  • Mosley
  • Chris
  • Nathaniel
  • Danny

Boy Horse Names

A baby horse is called a foal regardless of its gender. When a male foal turns two, the stallion that is the leader of the herd drives it away to ban together in a herd with other young males until they find a herd of females that they can herd. If you are looking for the right name for your boy horse, read on.

Barnes: The name Barnes is a good name for your boy horse. This name means a very young warrior, therefore, it is an apt name for your brave little male horse.

Leo: You can name your male foal Leo. This name is a byname derived from the name Leon; a name associated with the lion. Leo is a good name for a fierce foal.

Prince: This name is ideal for your boy horse since it will grow to lead its own herd.

Stally: You can consider naming your male foal Stally and the name will suit it. This name is taken from the word stallion.

Trifle Boy: Triffle Boy is a unique and creative name to give to your boy horse. The term trifle is used to describe something that is small, and so this name will suit a horse which belongs to a small breed.

Spotty: The name Spotty may sound like a dog’s name but it is a good name for a male foal with a huge spot on its coat.

Little Feral: Little Feral is a name that might suit your foal that is uncontrollable. The term feral means to be untamed; therefore, a small untamed horse will be suited by this name.

Here are other names suitable for your boy horse.

  • Derick
  • Boy Boy
  • Little Mister
  • Rodney
  • Micah
  • Misheck
  • Ronet
  • Bravery
  • Edwin
  • Romeo
  • Miles
  • Love
  • Welly
  • Bobby
  • Courage
  • Knowledge
  • Talent
  • Larry

Good Male Horse Names

We have suggested some of the names which make good horse names. Read on to find a good name for your horse.

Terry: Terry is a good name for a horse and it is short for Terrance.

Limber: You can name your horse Limber, which means to be stretchy. If your horse is flexible, this name will suit it.

Bear: Bears are very strong and huge; you can name your big, sturdy horse Bear.

Pluto: Pluto is the ninth planet also known as a dwarf planet. You can name your small horse after this planet.

Hurdler: Hurdler is a good name for your show horse, especially one that is a good jumper. A hurdler is one who competes in the field event of jumping over something while running.

Simba: An authoritative stallion is well suited by the name Simba. This name is inspired by the protagonist of the cartoon ‘The Lion King.’ Simba is a King, watching over all the animals of the pride lands just as the mature stallion watches over its herd.

We have also compiled a list of other good male horse names.

  • Jackson
  • Action
  • Darwin
  • Obey
  • Honest
  • Rascal
  • Darris
  • Powerstar
  • Silas
  • Hilary
  • Devine
  • Alex
  • Spartacus
  • Norest
  • Junior
  • Obert
  • Dave
  • Levisohn
  • Ruddy

Cool Male Horse Names

If your stallion or gelding is cool, here are some of the names that will suit it.

Abira: Abira is a Hebrew name which translates to strong. It is a cool name for your stout stallion.

Baby Craze: Babe Craze is a cool name to give to your horse that is young and wild.

El Dorado: The name El Dorado is a movie of a movie but it makes a cool and exotic name for your horse.

Biscuit: You can name your horse Biscuit, a name which suits your cool horse. This name is taken from the name of a famous race horse Seabiscuit.

Vodka: Naming your horse after your whiskey is cool. If your horse is strong, this name will suit it.

Trigger: This name is apt for your favorite riding horse. The name Trigger is inspired by Roy Rodgers’s riding horse.

Bhang: The name Bhang is a Hindu name that translates to run. Bhang is a cool name for a race horse.

If you still haven’t found the coolest name to give to your male horse, consider the names below.

  • Raft
  • Conley
  • Lincoln
  • Rim
  • Savior
  • Peanut
  • Brat
  • Caribbean
  • Glim
  • Columbus
  • May
  • Brixton
  • Humphrey
  • Taby
  • Canvas
  • Fin
  • Maze

Best Male Horse Names

If you want nothing but the best for your male horse, browse through the names below.

Jelly: You can consider naming your male horse Jelly, a name which means to be soft and cute.s this name is appropriate for your soft and lovely horse.

Valentine: The name Valentine is a unisex name which will suit your male horse born in February. The name is also appropriate for your favorite horse since valentine is a representation of love.

Demon: A demon is an evil force and you can name your horse that. This name suits a black untamed horse.

Fin: Fin is a short and catchy name for a horse and it is funny too since horses have no fins. This name is short for Finley.

Draft: The name Draft will suit your horse, especially if it belongs to the Belgian Draft breed.

Bullet: Bullet is the best name to give to a horse that is as fast as a bullet.

Cute Boy Horse Names

If you want a name that suits a boy horse, here are some cute name choices for your male foal.

Buttermilk: The name Buttermilk is a cute name for an adorable and shiny boy horse.

Fantastic: If your boy horse is a promising show horse that you enjoy watching perform a few tricks, name it Fantastic; the name will suit it.

Storm: Storm is a cute name for your horse. The storm is very dangerous, therefore, this is an apt name for an unpredictable horse.

Ed: You can name your horse Ed; a cute name for a horse. This name is short for Edmund.

Cashier: Cashier is a cute name that might suit a winning race horse.

Strong Male Horse Names

If your horse is resilient and tough, here are some of the names suitable for it.

Monster: A monster is an unusual strong and scary beast, therefore, the name Monster will make it sound tough.

Farris: Farris is a nice exotic name for a horse. This name means something that is iron strong and it is appropriate for your sturdy horse.

Thor: Thor is a good name to give to your brave and strong horse. This name is inspired by the brave warrior from the movie ‘Thor.’

Major: The term major refers to a very important rank in the army and it makes a good name for a strong horse.

Xander: You can name your strong horse Xander; a name inspired by the character from the movie ‘Xander Cage,’ who is strong and fierce.

White Male Horse Names

If your horse is white and you want the perfect name that alludes its color, here are some of the names which might suit.

Dairy Board: The term Dairy Board refers to a company that deals with the production of dairy products. It also makes a cute and funny name for a white male horse.

Silver: You can consider naming your horse Silver; this name suits an off-white horse.

Spook: Spook is a great name for a white horse. To spook is to spy and normally, it is the ghost that spooks, and ghosts. This name is apt for a horse that loves to appear from nowhere.

Sir White: You can add a formal title to the name white to get an apt name for your horse.

How to Name Your Horse?

Naming your horse can be easy, you first need to be familiar with the rules that govern the horses then you can think of what to name your horse. You can check if your horse has any unique markings, consider its personality, any unique tricks your horse can do. While naming your horse, you should avoid vulgar words; you can try saying the name out loud to make sure it is not inappropriate.

What Names Can Be Used When Referring to A Male horse?

  • Stallion
  • Colt
  • Steeds
  • Gelding