149 Funny and Good Ostrich Names

Ostrich Names

An ostrich is a huge flightless bird with long legs, a long neck, big eyes and two toes on each foot. If you are looking for a name to give to your ostrich, here are good ostrich names grouped according to their gender.


Tips For Naming An Ostrich

Naming an ostrich should not be a difficult exercise if you simply follow these steps. First spend some time observing your ostrich so that you give it a name that matches its personality. Take note of the ostrich’s physical characteristics to make it easier to come up with name ideas. Consider involving your  friends and family in the naming process but make sure that you set up some ground rules to avoid weird or embarrassing names. When naming an animal make sure that the name you choose is simple and short so that it is also easy to remember. Also, make sure that you choose a name that does not have any negative connotations to it. There are a lot of places you can look to for inspiration. For example, movies, books, your favourite celebrities, and famous historical figures. When done gathering  all the possible names you can think of you can choose a name through a ruffle. You can also simply eliminate the names you do not like by votes with friends or visitors of you run a game park. If you are one that may find it difficult to choose a name consider running a naming competition especially, if you want to name an ostrich at a game park or zoo. There are a lot of people who will be interested in participating in that event.

Good Ostrich Names

Thin Slides: The name Thin Slides makes a good name for your ostrich since it refers to its thin legs which gives it great speed.

Fang: You can give your ostrich a Chinese name. Fang is a female given name which translates to fragrance, a cute name for your lovely ostrich.

Kick: Ostriches fight with their legs. Their legs bend forward hence they also kick forward. The name Kick is perfect for your ostrich.

Caleb: You can consider naming your ostrich Caleb, a name meaning bold. This name suits a male ostrich as it exhibits boldness when it lures the predator away from its chicks or mate.

Longman: Longman is a good name choice for your ostrich. This name matches its height of 2.7 meters.

Bulky: Ostriches are large, they weigh up to 145kg, hence the name Bulky is appropriate for your ostrich.

Simona: Simona is a variant of the name Simon and it means hearkening. This name is apt for the ostrich which you have managed to train.

Here are more good ostrich names for you to consider.

  • Biggy
  • Lucinda
  • Matilda
  • Ben
  • Sammy
  • Nicky
  • Belinda
  • Learny
  • Nutty
  • Slizza
  • Muslin
  • Abby
  • Fortune
  • Angel
  • Domino
  • Mosley
  • Fergus
  • Lancelot

Types Of Ostriches

There are only two species of ostriches which are the common ostrich and the Somali ostrich. Both of these ostrich species are the largest birds in the world. There are also other subspecies of common ostrich which include the red-necked ostrich, the masai ostrich, the southern ostrich and the middle eastern or Arabian ostrich. The red-necked  ostrich also known as the north African ostrich can be found in certain parts of north Africa. It is also the tallest species of the ostrich. The masai ostrich can be found in the eastern part of the African continent in countries such as Kenya, Tanzania, Ethiopia and Somalia. Another sub species of ostrich is the southern ostrich. This ostrich can be spotted in the southern part of Africa. It is one of the few ostriches that were once domesticated. Although small in size the middle eastern ostrich is another subspecies of ostrich that you can spot in parts of Syria and the Arabian peninsula. The Somali ostrich was once a subspecies but now stands alone as its own species of ostrich. This type of ostrich has distinct features compared to the other types of species and can only be found in the eastern parts of Africa.

Baby Ostrich Names

A baby ostrich is called a chick and it is as big as a chicken at birth. The chick reaches its full grown height at six months and reaches maturity at three to four years.

Chicken: You can name your chick Chicken, a name complementing its size at birth.

Bloom: To bloom is to blossom and you can name your chick Bloom since it reaches its full height in faster than it reaches maturity.

Carla: If your ostrich is girly, name it Carla. This name means one who is womanly.

Pampas: The term pampas makes a good name for your little ostrich. This name means the savanna, a place where the ostriches thrive.

Huddles: Once it is allowed to leave the nest, the chick is huddled under its parent’s body or wings, therefore, the name Huddles is a good name for it.

Feathers:  The name Feathers is a good name for your chick that is hatched all feathered and ready to walk.

Lynne: Lynne is a cute name for your beautiful chick. This name means a beautiful waterfall.

Here are other names which will suit your chick.

  • Buddy
  • Sonny
  • Clyde
  • Zee
  • Purity
  • Midnight
  • Andre
  • Moonbean
  • Sprinter
  • Mac
  • Kicksy
  • Birdy
  • Fidd
  • Xin
  • Caroline
  • Rosaleen
  • Lovemore

Ostrich Habitat

Wild ostrich live in mostly dry and hot savannas and woodlands of Africa. These birds were once populated in other parts of the world such as in Asia, and the Arabian peninsula in large numbers. However, their population has declined due to extensive hunting. Now these birds are popular in sub-Saharan Africa but you can find ostriches all over the world in captivity. These birds can be seen alone or in pairs or even in small flocks. Sometimes these birds can live and travel in large groups. Although they live mainly on vegetation, ostriches can take some animal food, such as insects and these birds can go without water for a long period of time. Breeding males fight for 3 to 5 hens and make a roar and hiss as they fight. The hens can hatch in communal nests that contain a dozen eggs. Sometimes the dominant hen  removes some of the eggs in order to make incubation manageable. At night, the roosters or the male ostrich sits on the eggs and the hens take turn during the day. It takes about 40 days for an ostrich egg to hatch.

Female Ostrich Names

A female ostrich is called a hen and it is light brown in color. If your ostrich is female, read on to find the best names for it.

Delcy: Delcy is a cute name meaning sweetness. This is an apt name for your cute hen.

Sandy: The feathers of a female ostrich have the color of sand which is why when it lies it lies down with its head against the ground, while feeling threatened, it looks as if it has buried its heads in the sand. Sandy is a good name for your ostrich.

Queen: A Queen is a female leader. Ostriches also have alpha females; therefore, this name suits the dominant female.

Calliope: Calliope is a variant of the name Calista and this name means beautiful; a good name for your female ostrich.

Savanna: Savanna is a good name for your female ostrich. This name is perfect since ostriches are found in Africa’s hot savannahs.

Claws: You can consider naming your hen Claws, an appropriate name for your ostrich with a ten centimeter sharp claw.

Eddey: If you feel that your ostrich is indeed a blessing, then the name Eddey will suit it; this name means blessed.

Below are more female ostrich names which might suit your hen.

  • Ella
  • Desha
  • Leyla
  • Pretty
  • Sophia
  • Didi
  • Doreen
  • Polite
  • Bimta
  • Beauty
  • Dorothy
  • Beatrice
  • Letty
  • Jasmine
  • Debra
  • Petty
  • Fifi

Fascinating Facts About Ostriches

Apart from them being the biggest birds in the world there are some fascinating facts about these birds. When threatened ostriches can run at the speed of 70 kilometres per hour and this makes them cover a period of 5 miles per hour. This running is aided by them having two toes on each foot. Also ostrich legs are so powerful that they are capable of killing with a forward kick. The ostrich eggs are the largest of any living birds, about 15 cm long and weighing as much as 2 dozen chicken eggs. Contrary to what many people believe the ostrich does not bury its head in the sand  instead, the bird lies low at the approach of trouble. Another interesting fact about ostriches is that they will eat anything including grass, plants, fruits, flowers, seeds and even insects and reptiles and to aid their digestion since they do not have teeth ostriches swallow small rocks to crush the food they take in. They do this in a part of the throat called the gizzard.

Male Ostrich Names

A male ostrich is called a cock and it has a bold black and white coloring which it uses to attract the females. Below are good make ostrich names that we have suggested for you.

Isaac: The name Isaac means he laughs and it is a good name for a happy ostrich; one that is always in a happy mood.

Massacre: The name Massacre is a good name for your cock since it is able to kick with a force powerful enough to kill.

Alpha: Cocks compete to be the head of the herd; therefore, the name Alpha is apt for the dominant male among the herd.

Danseur: The name Danseur means to dance. This is the perfect name for your male ostrich since it tries to attract the females within a herd by dancing; dropping to the ground, shaking its wings and tail while swaying its head and neck.

Dice: The name Dice is apt for your cock since it has a bold black and white color.

Carl: Carl is the male version of Carla and it is a good name for your ostrich.

Kayden: If your pet ostrich is a good friend to you, the name Kayden will suit it. This name means a companion.

  • Sidney
  • Bruce
  • Rex
  • Billy
  • Mox
  • Carlos
  • Lux
  • Mason
  • Derick
  • Sfen
  • Brightwel
  • Max
  • Cedrick
  • Desire
  • Brandon
  • Marcus
  • Kevin
  • Nicholas

Do Ostriches Make Good Pets

If you are thinking of adopting an ostrich as a pet, you may need to have in-depth knowledge about the animal’s characteristics. It is important to know the type of environment that is suitable for breeding ostriches. Also, not all ostriches can be domesticated. The domestic ostrich is a hybrid between two kinds of wild ostrich North African ostrich and the Somali ostrich. This ostrich is called the black-necked ostrich or domestic ostrich. It is bred in farms in many countries and this species can be found in countries such as South Africa, Namibia, Israel, Australia, USA, Canada, Spain, and France.  You can easily find a baby ostrich and as such, many people adopt a hatchling ostrich to satisfy their curiosity of having the exotic bird. However, a lot of people who buy these birds are  not aware of how quickly the birds can grow and the danger that exists in their  legs and sharp claws.  However, it is becoming increasingly popular to keep these birds as pets. There are some that may argue that keeping ostriches as pets is not a good idea because these birds can grow to become bad tempered giant birds that can put your life at risk.

Famous Ostrich Names

If you want to name your ostrich after some eminent ostrich characters, browse on for some famous ostrich names

Kambuni: Kambuni is a unique ostrich name inspired by the ostrich character from the cartoon movie “The Lion King.”

Pablo: The name Pablo will suit your ostrich. This name is inspired by Pablo the penguin from the movie, “The Three Caballeros.” This name is perfect for your ostrich since it is black and white just like a penguin.

Grim Gloom: Grim Gloom makes a great name for your ostrich; with its flat beak and small head, it always looks gloom.

Thor: The name Thor is a cute name inspired by the character also referred to as the Norse god of Thunder from the movie “Thor.” This name suits your ostrich since it can travel at great speed.

Clementine: Clementine is a cute name to give to your ostrich. This name is inspired by the ostrich character from “Swiss Family Robinson.”

Khaleesi: You can name your ostrich after the female ruler Khaleesi from “The Game of Thrones.” This name is apt for a dominant female.

Oscar: Oscar is a good male given name for your ostrich; you will have named it after the cartoon character Oscar the Ostrich.

  • Hildy Gloom
  • Alfred
  • R.R.C
  • Tacky
  • White Black
  • Rhea
  • Scamper
  • Toro
  • Hubie
  • Abbey
  • Nick
  • Cooper
  • Marina
  • Cleo
  • Frederico
  • Powly

Funny Ostrich Names

If you want a humorous name for your ostrich, here are names to consider.

Celia: Celia is a variant of Cecelia; a name which means blind; considering that the ostrich has big eyes, the name Celia becomes a funny name for an ostrich.

Pin: An ostrich has a 10 centimeter claw on each of its toe, therefore the name Pin is perfect for your ostrich.

Needly: You can name your ostrich Needly. This name is derived from the term needle which in this case refers to the ostrich’s tiny feet.

Titanic: Titanic is a good name for your ostrich, though it might not be as big as the Titanic, it is big.

Mr Two: The name Mr Two is a great name for your pet with two toes.

Unique Ostrich Names

If you are still searching for a name to give to your ostrich, the following names might help you decide.

See Ball: An ostrich’s eye measures up to 5cm in diameter. It is the mammal with the largest eyes, hence the name See Ball is apt for it since it eyes are the size of a small ball.

Highway: You can name your ostrich Highway as it is able to run at the speed which some cars are required to use in a highway, 70km/h.

Brain Drop: Brain Drop is a unique name for your ostrich since it has a small brain; the name will suit it.

Zoom: The name Zoom is a unique name suitable for your ostrich since it has good eyesight.

Vegez: Ostriches are omnivores, meaning they eat both meat and vegetation but they are mainly vegetarian, which is why the name Vegez makes a nice and unique name for your ostrich.

Guard: The male ostrich protects its own kind; therefore, the name Guard is perfect for it.

Below are other unique names that you can give to your ostrich.

  • Woodlander
  • Fluff
  • Gloomy
  • Zoom
  • Lofty
  • Fuzz
  • Peace
  • Rooter
  • Love
  • Toey
  • Ruby
  • Stats
  • Mr Enormous
  • Silver

Is an Ostrich Also Called an Emu?

An Emu is not an ostrich, they are two different birds; ostriches being the largest and strongest. They are both flightless birds but ostriches are 8 feet tall whereas an emu is 6 feet tall. Emus lack the graceful plumage of the ostrich, their feathers are hair-like and they resemble shaggy fur.

An Ostrich’s Diet

Ostriches are omnivores but they are mainly vegetarian. They feed on roots, flowers and seeds. They live in the vicinity of grazing animals. Ostriches also feed on insects, lizards and other small creatures.